The Batman (2022) Movie – 5 Facts About Called To Compete With Nolan Batman Trilogy

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The latest Batman movie entitled The Batman has finally started showing since March 2, 2022. The audience enthusiasm for this movie seems to be very high. Especially with the many testimonies from those who have watched and call this movie one of the best Batman adaptations.

The story of the eccentric billionaire Bruce Wayne who tries to save the city of Gotham from crime as Batman, has often been brought to the big screen. One of the most well-known and critically acclaimed adaptations of movie is the Batman trilogy by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. The Nolan trilogy is still considered the gold standard for Batman movies or superhero movies in general.

The Batman , which this time introduced Robert Pattinson first appearance as Batman, is said to be able to compete with Nolan version of Batman. Wow, I can’t wait to see The Batman anymore. For Hipwee friends who have watched it or not, here are the facts about The Batman movie that you need to know~

1. The Batman has been delayed from June 2021 to March 2022
The release of The Batman was delayed, the release was postponed to March 2022. This delay is the longest of any movie.

2. The Batman is three of the Batman movies that are intertwined
The Batman is the first of three intertwined Batman movies. Each will star Robert Pattinson as the protagonist, and Matt Reeves as director. This strategy is reminiscent of Christopher Nolan wildly successful The Dark Knight . The Batman movie 2022 production team hopes to emulate the success of The Dark Knight movies .

3. movieing of The Batman was mostly done in England. This is the first time shooting Batman is set in England
The production team for The Batman  2022 has restricted international travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting movieing locations. Most of the shooting of The Batman was done in England, particularly in Liverpool, with some scenes elsewhere. This shooting location is unprecedented for a Batman movie which is mostly shot in Chicago, USA.

4. The Batman uses a Michael Giacchino soundtrack
Michael Giacchino is the composer of the soundtrack for the movie . The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Michael Giacchino was cast for The Batman record haul . Michael Giacchino experiences make soundtracks such as Lost, The Incredibles, and Doctor Strange.

5. The Catwoman character played by Zoe Kravitz is called the best Catwoman ever
The Batman presents the character Catwoman or Selina Kyle, played by Zoe Kravitz. This character became one of the important roles in the movie The Batman HD.

The long wait for The Caped Crusader fans seems to have paid off with this movie. The Batman online through the presentation of cinematography The dark look that is the hallmark of Batman movies was highlighted by director Matt Reeves.

This is then amplified by dramatic accompaniment music, making each scene even more intense. The audio-visual and story aspects that support Robert Pattinson appearance as Batman do not escape praise.