The artistic team plays a major role in bringing toys back to life in Toy Story 4


Peep’s character in this latest film is indeed shown to be stronger and independent. That became one way for Pixar to adapt to Disney’s films. Which, lately, features a strong female character.

According to producer Jonas Rivera, who happens to have a daughter, Pixar really wants girls around the world to have a role model for a strong woman. Before Bo Peep, in fact, there were quite a few dominant Pixar female characters. Call it: Merida (Brave), Elastigirl (The Incredibles), Joy (Inside Out), and Dory (Finding Dory).

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One of the members is Mara MacMahon. The character artist who is the designer of Bo Peep designed his new appearance. However, it remains with the characteristics as in the previous film.

To be able to design properly, MacMahon also had to know the exact character of Peep. Which has been missing for 20 years. She had to pay close attention to her old-school design from the movie Toy Story 2. The one wearing that wide dress. Because in this fourth film, MacMahon had to overhaul the design.

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If you look closely, Peep’s clothes have changed. Maybe, because it was said he had been adventuring for a long time. Her long dress was changed to a dress in overalls. Her skirt was also replaced with a cloak.

However, MacMahon seems to retain a number of feminine details as its main characteristics. For example, pastel colors and the ribbon used by Peep.

According to the designer who is also involved in the production of the animated short Bao, even though his appearance has changed, Pixar does want to keep the originality of Peep’s character. As fans already know.

The task of maintaining the originality of the characters is also shared by the artistic team for other characters. Especially, the characters Woody and Buzz. Which has become a Toy Story icon. The design of the two must be consistent. The alias is exactly the same as the previous films.

In addition to the design, the movement of the characters must also be in harmony with the three predecessor films. For example, the expressions should be similar. According to the characteristics of each of these characters.

As inspiration for the movement of Bo Peep, MacMahon et al chose a gymnast. They are inspired by the characteristics of acrobatic movements that are agile, beautiful, but still show a feminine side.

MacMahon’s job as a character modeler is to transform the artistic design into a three-dimensional model. That matches the expectations of the audience. For reference, MacMahon had to observe the previous Toy Story films to get a design basis.

After the three-dimensional model was finished, he had to bring the character to life. For example, eyelashes, smile lines, or the movement of his fingers. According to MacMahon, it was all indeed difficult, but became very exciting once it was realized.

Btw, actually, many fans think that this franchise is over after Toy Story 3. However, in the end, it continues to this fourth film.

It was producer Mark Nielsen who had the original idea. As soon as the third film finished, suddenly, Nielsen thought: What if Bo Peep, who had been missing for a long time, appeared again? Therefore, the initial code for the Toy Story 4 film scenario is Peep.