The Agency Finally Speaks Up After Kim Seon Ho Was Linked To Abortion Rumors Of Actor ‘K’ Ex-Girlfriend


Salt Entertainment As Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Finally Spoke Up After The Actor Was Linked To Rumors Of The Abortion Of Actor ‘K’ Ex-Girlfriend. Check Out The Agency’s Explanation Below.

The popular actor “K” has been at the center of controversy in the last two days. Because he was accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion and promised to marry her.

After speculation circulated here and there, one name that was suspected of being actor K appeared, namely Kim Seon Ho . Unfortunately, neither Kim Seon Ho nor his agency, Salt Entertainment, have provided any clarification until Monday (18/10) night.

After a day of silence, Salt Entertainment finally spoke up on Tuesday (19/10). They only gave a brief statement and promised to release an official statement as soon as possible.

Salt Entertainment stated, “Hello. This is Salt Entertainment, the agency of actor Kim Seon Ho. First of all, we apologize for the delay in releasing an official statement regarding the speculations circulating around it.”

We are currently investigating the anonymous post and verifying the story with Kim Seon Ho himself. We sincerely ask you to wait a little longer because the facts have not been clearly confirmed. We also sincerely apologize for causing concern with bad things. added the agency.

Meanwhile, fans have been trying to contact the agency to demand an explanation. Due to the high traffic on the website, Salt Entertainment’s official page has been deactivated and temporarily unavailable.

In other news, several brands that have Kim Seon Ho as their model, including Domino’s Pizza and Food Bucket have removed a number of advertisements related to him. This action was taken to “minimize the effect the controversy has on the brand image”.

This controversy itself began when a netizen (A) who claimed to be K’s ex-girlfriend made a post on a popular online community. He revealed that K has a different attitude in front of and behind the camera alias two-faced.

In his post, A claimed to have been forced by K to have an abortion and was promised to marry him. However, since then the actor’s attitude has become increasingly violent and he has unilaterally severed the relationship.

This Food Brand Takes Down All Ads With Kim Seon Ho After ‘K’ Actor Controversy

Kim Seon Ho Has Been Contracted By This Food Brand Since February. However, All Advertisements Showing The Actor Were Taken Down From Social Media.

Controversy involving the actor with the initials “K” is enlivening the South Korean news media. Actor K is accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion.

Wild speculation about who the figure of K continues to roll. And the name of the popular actor Kim Seon Ho was later also suspected of being a K figure, which seems to have now begun to affect his reputation and work.

Domino’s Pizza Korea which has a contract with Kim Seon Ho decided to take down advertisements showing the actor starting Monday (18/10). The contract between Domino’s Pizza Korea and Kim Seon Ho itself has been in place since February 2021.

Even today, the advertisement for Kim Seon Ho who is enjoying pizza with Shin Dong Yup is also being privatized from the food brand’s official YouTube channel. Advertisements involving Kim Seon Ho were also removed from Domino’s Pizza’s official social media channels.

However, launching Allkpop , Domino’s Pizza has not provided a statement behind their decision to remove or take down advertisements with the cast of the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha . It’s just that Domino’s Pizza’s decision is widely associated with the actor K controversy, which has recently been suspected of leading to Kim Seon Ho.

On the other hand, the actor’s agency, Salt Entertainment, has yet to provide a statement responding to the rumors that are rolling.

This controversy itself started from the post of a citizen (A) who claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of the popular actor K. In an online community, A said that actor K had a different attitude in front of and behind the camera.

In his post, A claimed to have been forced by K to abort the pregnancy. A also claimed K had promised him marriage, but in the end the actor ended their relationship unilaterally.