The Accountant An action thriller film released by Warner Bros


This year, after appearing quite impressively as Bruce Wayne, aka the Bat-Man, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Ben Affleck is back on the big screen with The Accountant. Which airs globally starting this Friday (14/10).

As the title suggests, The Accountant tells the story of a genius accountant. The name is Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck). Yang since childhood is more familiar with mathematics and numbers than getting along with the people around him.

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Apart from working in an office in a small town, Christian Wolff also has a side job making false financial statements. For some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world. However, after his illegal actions are suspected by an agent of the Treasury, named Ray King (JK Simmons), Wolff then takes a safe step: By becoming an accountant at a sophisticated robotics company.

However, in the end, the cover of Christian Wolff was exposed by Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick). A beautiful accountant. Who discovers odd transactions worth millions of dollars at the companies they work for. Their lives were, in the end, also threatened. Especially, by those who don’t want their secrets to be revealed.

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Btw, apart from being an expert in using various weapons and being a sniper, Christian Wolff’s character, in the film The Accountant, is also said to be good at fighting with his bare hands. And, interestingly, the martial arts he demonstrated as Pencak silat. The one from Indonesia!

Gavin O’Connor deliberately uses Pencak silat in his film. According to the director of Warrior (2011), Indonesian martial art is very cinematic. Movement is fast but very efficient. Fits the character of Ben Affleck. There are allegations, Gavin O’Connor had watched The Raid (2011). Then he was amazed by the martial arts action shown by Iko Uwais et al in the film.

Gavin O’Connor then asked Ben Affleck to learn and practice Pencak silat. Affleck had to demonstrate the Indonesian martial art himself. Because the production team had difficulty finding a stuntman who was good at martial arts. As a result, the Batman actor had to undergo intensive training with professionals. They taught him Yayan Ruhian’s fighting style in no time.

When gushing Warrior first, Gavin O’Connor was indeed able to display action scenes that looked real and slick. Although less successful at the box office, the film about the MMA (mixed martial arts) match, starring Tom Hardy, received very positive reviews from critics. Warrior is considered one of the best sports drama films of all time.

Btw, apart from Ben Affleck, the 128-minute film The Accountant is also sweetened by the presence of Anna Kendrick. The star of the Twilight (2008) and Pitch Perfect (2012) franchises must compete with veteran actors. Kind of like JK Simmons, Jon Bernthal, and John Lithgow.

The Accountant project was suspended. Bill Dubuque, who successfully produced the screenplay for The Judge (2014) had offered this USD 44 million budget film script to Sony Pictures in 2011 ago. At that time, it was Mel Gibson who was predicted to be the director of The Accountant. And Will Smith will be the main character.