The 7 Most Exciting and Must-Waiting Korean Dramas for January 2022


After a few months ago we were presented with a series of blockbuster Korean dramas , starting from Squid Game , Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, The King’s Affection , Snowdrop , and many more. Entering 2022, Korean drama lovers must have been impatient to welcome the newest exciting dramas.

Well, in January there are quite a lot of new Korean dramas that will be aired. So you don’t have to worry anymore for drama addicts who have run out of viewing material. You see, this time KINCIR will explain the latest Korean dramas that are fun to follow. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the 7 January 2022 Korean dramas that must be watched!

1. The Ghost Doctor (3 Januari)
After being broadcast on January 3, the Korean drama Ghost Doctor became a widely received spectacle in early 2022. At the beginning of its broadcast, this medical-themed series managed to score a rating of 4.4 percent and rose to 4.5 in the second episode. This Korean drama from tvN brings the iconic K-pop singer Rain back to the small screen.

The last time Rain appeared on the small screen was through the drama Welcome 2 Life , which aired three years ago. So, it’s not surprising that many have waited a long time for this series to air because they already miss Rain’s comeback on the small screen.

In Ghost Doctor , Rain plays the genius doctor Cha Young-min whose spirit unexpectedly enters the body of fellow doctor Go Seung-tak (Kim Bum) from Law School. This idol duo is accompanied by two beautiful actresses, namely Uee and Son Na-eun.

2. Tracer (January 7)
Tracer premiered on the first Friday of 2022 and managed to score 9.7 percent in viewership ratings and reached number one in the same time slot. This drama tells the story of Hwang Dong-joo (Im Si-wan) who is the head of the fifth division of taxation at the National Tax Service. Hwang Dong-joo works to uncover institutional corruption from within with his team which includes Seo Hye-young (Go Ah-sung).

Besides Im Si-wan and Go Ah-sung, the National Tax Service team also stars Park Yong-woo who plays Oh Young’s boss and Son Hyun-joo as In Tae-joon who is the head of the corrupt Central Regional Tax Office.

3. No, Thank You Season 2 (8 Januari)
This Kakao TV drama is a sequel to the previous Korean drama that aired in 2020. No, Thank You season 2 was also adapted from a webtoon titled Myeoneuragi written by Soo Shin-ji. No, Thank You 2 tells the story of Min Sa-rin (Park Ha-sun), who often tries everything to become a good daughter-in-law.

She has to face problems getting along with her in-laws, while her husband can’t help her much. This reason made him start to doubt his marriage.

Well, while waiting for the premiere of the episode, you can also watch the first season of the series first. This, apart from refreshing the old story, can also spice up your curiosity about the second season ‘s storyline .

4. Doctor Park’s Clinic (14 Januari)
Doctor Park’s Clinic or also known as Internal Medicine Director Park is adapted from the Webtoon of the same name by Jang Bong-soo. This webtoon is based on the experience of the author who has worked as a doctor for 18 years. Wow, interesting, isn’t it?

The story also contains elements of comedy that are oriented to the reality of the life of a doctor who is funny and sad. The drama Doctor Park’s Clinic tells the story of doctor Park Won-jang (Lee Seo-jin) who opens a clinic where he practices.

The clinic was expected to be a money mine for him because he had expected that the clinic would sell well and be visited by many people. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t live up to expectations. His clinic was deserted and on the verge of bankruptcy. Park Won-jang has a wife named Sa Mo-rim (Ra Mi-ran) who actually trusts medical programs on television more than her husband’s advice.

5. Through the Darkness (14 Januari)
Set in the 90s, a series of brutal murders by a mysterious serial killer known as Red Hat terrorize South Koreans and confuse the police. With no solution in sight, the Criminal Behavior Analysis team turns to a new American technique for constructing a “profile” of the killer in hopes of solving the serial murders.

Through The Darkness stars Kim Nam-gil as the quiet and reserved Song Ha-young, who is brought into the Criminal Behavior Analysis team by its leader Gook Young-soo (Jin Seon-kyu).

6. All Of Us Are Dead (28 Januari)
Based on the webtoon Now At Our School , Netflix’s newest Korean drama All Of Us Are Dead focuses on a group of high school students who find themselves trapped The drama will depict an extreme situation that occurs when a high school is infected with a zombie virus and people outside try to save the students trapped in the school.

This drama will tell the story of students who struggle to the end to survive in a confined space, as well as how hidden human nature emerges when forced into dire situations. This Korean drama stars a number of familiar faces, including actors School 2021. Among them are Cho Yi-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, and Yoon Chan-young.

7. Juvenile Justice
The legal genre drama Juvenile Justice centers on a tough judge named Sim Eun-sook (Kim Hye-soo). He has to deal with petty offenders, how he must provide justice and punishment for all.

The series also stars Kim Mu-yeol in his first TV role since Bad Guys 2 (2017), as well as the critically acclaimed veteran actor Lee Sun-min, who recently appeared in the Netflix film The 8th Night (2021).