The 6 Most Powerful Titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3


Titan is one of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan . They are a group of antagonists in this series that the protagonist fights. They are in the form of humanoid giants and like to devour humans.

Throughout the series, fans have been introduced to normal and abnormal Titans who are brainless creatures who only like to eat humans. But, there are a number of people who are able to transform into Titans. They are the ones who are dangerous because they still have their wits and are stronger than other Titans.

So far, there have been 9 strongest Titans introduced in Attack on Titan. But, as the story goes, their numbers are eroding. In the Season Part 3 finale, there are a few titans that still survive and they are the most powerful part of that group. What are the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3? Check out the following review!

6. Titan Woman

Attack on Titan’s first main antagonist is a Female Titan. He had the ability to summon normal and abnormal Titans into battle, which was the reason why so many of them entered Shiganshina. Annie Leonhart is the only Female Titan user known to date. He fought very well against his former Army.

For the sake of saving himself, he used his hardening ability to stay inside the crystal for many years. After being released, Annie became very weak and decided she didn’t want to fight anymore. But, he will be one of the people who saves humanity because he has not yet shown all his strength. In Part 3, he joins forces with his former friends to stop rumbling Eren.

5. Titan Monkey

Despite being one of the main antagonists in most of the series, Little is really known about the monkey Titan. So far, it is known that there are two users of this Titan, namely Zeke Jaeger and Tom Ksaver. But, the two people used this ability of theirs in very different ways.

Titan Monkey Zeke is very strong because he is a member of the Fritz family. Unlike Zeke, Tom is not a fighter and little is known about his powers. Each user Titan Monkey has different abilities, as revealed Falco. This is what makes Titan Monkey unique.

4. Titanium Jaw

The Jaw Titan is the fastest Titan. He attacked his opponent with very sharp teeth. There are four known Titan jaw users to date. The first is Marcel. He was supposed to join Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie when they brought down the walls of Paradis. But, Ymir eats them on their way and gains her strength.

Ymir is a jaw-dropping Titan in most of the series, though she keeps that ability a secret until she has to save Historia. After dying, Marcel’s younger brother Porco inherited the Titan and knew the details of Marcel’s death. The current user of Titan Jaws is Falco. Each of them uses Titan Jaws differently and some are stronger than others.

3. Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan may have looked like humanity’s greatest threat when the series began. However, some other Titans have proven to be more powerful. Although he is the largest, he is also the slowest. He can control his smoke and cause explosions to knock out enemies or kill them.

Bertholdt and Armin were both Colossal Titan users. Due to Bertholdt’s lack of action and Armin’s rare use of that power, fans haven’t seen the Colossal Titan fight as much as the other Titans. Although, he was the first to be shown the series. At the end of Part 2, Eren directs an army of colossal Titans to storm Marley as a prelude to Rumbling.

2. Titan Armor

Reiner’s Titan Armor is the most powerful in terms of physical strength due to the skin that protects it. Reiner is difficult to hurt when compared to other Titans because he serves as a shield himself. He leads Bertholdt and Annie after Marcel dies. He even became one of the strongest soldiers in the 104th Cadet squad.

However, when he reveals his identity, he becomes one of Paradis ‘ greatest enemies. Over time, Reiner eventually joins forces with Eldia to save the world from Eren’s wrath. With his immense power, Reiner had become an opponent comparable to Eren when he was still an Attack Titan. The Battle of the two is always exciting to watch.

1. Founding Titan

Grisha and Eren Jaeger control the Founding Titan and The Attack Titan. For generations, Fouding Titan used members of the Fritz family. The Founding Titan could control the entire Eldia people, which the royal family used to alter the rakyat’s memories.

They could also control the bodies of the Eldians and make the Titans do whatever they wanted. Before dying because he had the power of Titan invaders for 13 years, Grisha ate Frieda Fritz and bequeathed the Founding Titan to his son, Eren. Because of how much power the Founding Titan possessed, he was the strongest Titan in Attack on Titan. In fact, before becoming the Founding Titan, Eren was already strong as an attacking Titan.