The 10 Most Shocking Betrayals That Happened in Anime


This betrayal took their audience by surprise, changing everything they thought about the series. While some betrayals in anime are predictable, some are surprising.

A number of things happen unpredictably and don’t make any sense at all. The betrayal that really left fans reeling was the betrayal that ended up changing everything in that anime. This is an unexpected twist that adds a layer of drama to the story.

Twists like this also intrigue fans who can’t wait to know what happens next. While a number of betrayals leave something to be desired, it surprises both the characters and the audience. So what is the most shocking betrayal in anime? Here’s the review!

10. Reiner and Berthodlt — Attack on Titan

Reiner and Bertholdt are soldiers in the Survey Corps. They were equally liked and respected in the squad. Reiner even served as Vice-Captain in the Soldier Unit. Because they are liked, it becomes even sadder when they admit that they are Titans. Their betrayal was a huge shock to both the Corps and the audience. This made Eren froze in disbelief when his former friend turned into a Colossal and Armed Titan before his eyes.

9. Grell — Black Butler

Angelina Dalles aka Madame Red is Ciel Phantomhive’s aunt. His butler, Grell, always seemed to be by his side, looking harmless. When Ciel and Sebastian investigate the murder of Jack the Ripper, they find out that Madame Red and Grell were the culprits. Even though Ciel already knew the secret of the two, Madame Red was unable to kill the niece she loved. Grell finally acts on his own by killing Madame Red in front of Ciel and Sebastian. He thought she was useless to him.

8. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune — Sailor Moon

Since their introduction, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune have always kept their distance from the rest of the team. In Sailor Moon , they mostly work alone. In fact, they were against other Sailor Guardians to complete their mission. Even so, no one predicted that the two would betray the Sailor Guardian and join Sailor Galaxia in the final story arc. As it turned out, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune approached Galaxia only to steal her Star Seed. Despite their good intentions, their actions saddened their friends and caused death and destruction.

7. Rossiu — Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

When introduced in the first half of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann , Rossiu is kind and kind. Although physically not as strong as the other members of Team Dai Gurren, he is very intelligent and does everything he can to help his friends. After the Beastman War story arc ended, Rossiu became New Kamina City’s second-in-command. When trouble erupts due to a conflict with the Anti-Spiral, Rossiu betrays Simon. He accused Simon of everything, sent him to prison and even sentenced him to death. While later expressing anger and regret for his decision, Rossiu still betrayed one of his closest and best friends.

6. Sasuke — Naruto

Sasuke’s betrayal of Konoha is one of the most iconic moments in Naruto . After preparing his whole life for a chance to take revenge against his older brother, Itachi, Sasuke seizes his chance to become stronger after his encounter with Orochimaru. His betrayal was the catalyst for the events to come and one of the most important moments for Naruto and Sakura. Even after Sasuke was plunged into darkness, the two men never gave up and were driven to become strong enough to bring him home.

5. Griffith — Berserk

Originally, Griffith was a noble and respected leader in the Band of the Hawk in Berserk . However, after he was imprisoned for his affair with the princess, something changed in Griffith. He became even more evil. Unknowingly, Griffith’s friends don’t stop at saving him from his destiny. However, after they finally met the leader, they knew that he had become unknown. Obsessed with power, he sacrificed members of the Band of the Hawk so he could be reborn as the Hand of God, later known as Femto.

4. Satsuki — Kill La Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin looks very obedient to her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin. He obeyed all his orders without question. However, he later revealed his true intentions. Knowing his mother’s plan to destroy the earth, Satsuki secretly plans to fight his mother while remaining obedient. As Ryuuko and the others made their final attack, Satsuki sprang into action, she stabbed her mother right in the face of the battle. He joined his former enemy. Together, they incapacitate Ragyo.

3. Isabella — The Promised Neverland

The Grace Field House children see Isabella as a kind and loving mother. While it’s sweet at first, things go dark when Emma and Norman find out that Isabella harvested Grace Field House’s children and sent them to the hungry demons. This revelation shocked the children. Their knowledge of the truth exposes Isabella’s evil side that no one knows. After that shocking betrayal, Isabella became one of the most iconic antagonists in anime. His interesting and complex characters continue to surprise people.

2. Rachel — Tower of God

Rachel was Baam’s favorite and closest friend throughout their lives. He followed him as Rachel climbed the tower, unwilling to part with him and helping him achieve his wish. Baam would do anything for Rachel. Cared for him more than anything. His loyalty makes Rachel’s betrayal shocking and heart-wrenching. When they seemed to have succeeded, Rachel revealed her true colors to Baam. When he lifted his leg and pushed Baam out of the bubble, Baam looked shocked.

1. Kyubey — Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is a strange and mysterious creature that appears in front of young girls and gives them magical powers. The girls were promised their best wishes in exchange for fighting the witch. The offer seemed too good to be true for the girls, but they gladly accepted it anyway. However, they only found out Kyubey’s true intentions after it was too late. The real purpose of granting that power was to create every Magician they destroyed. This leaves the magical girls trapped in an endless cycle of death and despair.