Thanh Soi (2022) – The next female hit of Vietnamese cinema is revealed

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Dong Anh Quynh – the next female actress of Vietnamese cinema diligently practiced martial arts for Thanh So.

Sau hành trình khổ luyện, những pha đánh đấm, tung đòn toé lửa đẹp mắt của nhân vật Bi (Đồng Ánh Quỳnh thủ vai).From the worst candidate in the casting round, Dong Anh Quynh “turned into a wolf” into the next Vietnamese woman right after the “correction” sentence of Ngo Thanh Van.

Right from the casting round more than 2 years ago, producer and director Ngo Thanh Van pointed directly to Quynh’s face and said very sharply after the performance of the model’s action scenes, born in 1995: “You are one of the candidates. weakest member”, judge Nam Trung frankly expressed regret because at that time Dong Anh Quynh “had everything, except acting”. However, it was also at this pre-qualification round that Ngo Thanh Van said to “correct” his juniors: “If you are passionate, don’t give up”. It is also from this sentence that we have a thorny, fiery Bi character.

Sharing about the feeling of the person who was officially chosen by Ngo Thanh Van to become the number 1 female star in Vietnam in the future at the end. So at that time, it was difficult for me to accept that my joy that day was the sadness of the person with whom we had worked hard together for a memorable time.”

Dong Anh Quynh spent 4 months practicing the Western language in the 90s, a whole year of hard work training for eye-catching blows.

Besides, in order to meet the requirements for the character to grow up in the context of old Saigon, Dong Anh Quynh also tried to teach herself to speak with a southern accent 4 months before filming.

In order to do the impossible in a short time, without any teachers in school, Quynh started by temporarily avoiding friends who spoke with Northern accents.

As she gradually got used to the Southern accent, Quynh increased her listening practice to distinguish the difference between the Saigon accent and the Western accent.

Up to now, Dong Anh Quynh has spoken with a southern accent after completing Thanh Wolf and can “turn on the button” to change his voice at any time. that Quynh worked hard.

In addition, in Thanh So – Bi is a role that requires physical strength, acting and beautiful moves, Dong Anh Quynh practiced continuously 8-10 hours/day, 6 days/week throughout. more than a year with French action director Kefi and “master” Tuan Nguyen On the first day of shooting, Dong Anh Quynh and co-star Toc Tien had to perform a scene prone to trauma, however, Thanks to the advantage of being trained with the action “master” and rehearsing with the camera throughout the year, Quynh has done most of the tense and dangerous action scenes herself. Her worries about the accident on the set have gradually decreased as each day witnessing Quynh’s courage and high concentration when performing dangerous scenes.