Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review An ‘Aging’ Terminator’s New Hope


The film Terminator: Dark Fate forgets the three predecessor films that fell on the market and becomes a direct sequel to the first two Terminator films. So, don’t be surprised if this film doesn’t continue the story of Terminator 3 , Salvation , or Genisys . Relying on aging actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, as well as the reappearance of James Cameron behind the scenes, the Terminator franchise seems to be getting new hope.

As explained in the plot, the film Terminator: Dark Fate tells the future depicted in Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) did not happen because Skynet was defeated. The film centers on Danielle/Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), an ordinary woman who lives with her brother and father in Mexico City.

When Terminator Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) who was ordered to kill Dani finds him, Grace (Mackenzie Davis) comes to the rescue. Not only that, the bad-ass mothers Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and T-800/Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) were also present to fight the Rev-9 who was very hard to beat.

Action movie from start to finish
Dark Fate still relies on the main premise of the previous Terminator series, where Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence technology) develops so that it has a mind of its own and eventually attacks humans. In this film, there is no Skynet – because the future has changed – but the main character faces a threat from Legion, an AI tasked with hunting down the remaining humans.

Remembering Cameron’s return after his last involvement in the franchise at T2 does give new hope. Sitting in the executive producer’s chair, Dark Fate, which is directed by Tim Miller, successfully presents a high-end thriller . The budget is quite high (of course plus a row of top actors and actresses) is directly proportional to the action given.

Tim Miller’s big name as an action film director is not a problem. Success in bringing Deadpool (2016) and – in particular – Deadpool 2 (2018) as the film with the most expensive adult rating before being defeated by Joker (2019) some time ago, the audience will be smothered with a tense atmosphere of intense chases and battles.

A fitting sequel to T2
Terminator: Dark Fate marks the sixth installment in the entire franchise that catapulted Schwazenegger as a Hollywood action film actor. But after T2, the next films didn’t really hit it. And only in Dark Fate, there is a glimmer of hope for the continuation of this series.

Although it still uses old themes, such as the conflict between humans and machines and the view of destiny, it is a repetition of concepts that have been explored by previous films. But the difference, a more mature execution, a denser story, plus an interesting plot

There are many callbacks and references to previous films. Such as the phrase “I’ll be back” which was updated (twice, but in a different form), and the thrill of chasing after the first two films. But there are new things that are shown, such as the fight on the plane and one of the settings in the US border detention camp which is likely to contain political elements.

What’s impressive about Dark Fate is how the classic elements in this series are made fresh and new. For example, the bad-ass character Sarah Connor uses a variety of weapons – from an AK-47 to a bazooka – shooting the Rev-9. And of course the presence of the T-800 Schwazenegger which is the lifeblood of all Terminator series.

The mix of old and new characters is also in the spotlight. The presence of new characters, such as Dani and Grace, gives a different color to continue this franchise in the future. Gab Luna also looks impressive even though the Rev-9 setting is only an upgraded version of Robert Patrick’s T-1000 on T2.

The premise and the story are almost identical
Several new action scenes (such as on an airplane or under a river) qualify for this movie’s excitement. However, the cohesion and narrative that is no more cohesive than the first two films is a major drawback, especially with almost the same premise. Most of the action is presented with a wah display and delivered in a sophisticated style, but weak in the depth of the story. Lack of intimacy .

In addition, there are several things that make the fun of watching less. One of them is some of the scenes that were previously described in the trailer . Unfortunately, some impressive scenes have already been revealed to the audience through the trailer.

For those who have seen the trailer, throughout the film it is not explained why the T-800 can age organically even though it has a robotic body. The lack of detail and explanation of some scenes and actions makes this film more likely to produce unanswered questions. Includes a slightly confusing (though still fun to watch) scene from the onboard fight.

Overall, the premise and themes are not much different to make Terminator: Dark Fate movie could end up like the last three films of this franchise. But mature execution is clearly an attraction. It is appropriate to be called the third best film, after Terminator and T2 . But if Dark Fate is really the first in the upcoming trilogy, there’s a lot to improve.