Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) really makes the film seem far from its roots


The word kapok is not a suitable word for hollywood if it falls several times into the same hole. Especially if the hole is a franchise that still has profitable potential. The franchise referred to in this article is of course the Terminator franchise. The absence of James Cameron’s name involved in the last three films after Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) really makes the film seem far from its roots. Maybe because he felt called James Cameron back involved in this 6th Terminator film. Unmitigated, the previous 3 films after the second film were considered non-existent. Terminator ‘Dark Fate’ is a direct sequel to Jugment Day.

James Cameron’s involvement in Dark Fate is not a director, but all the stories presented in Dark Fate are guaranteed to be the result of the elder’s own creation, assisted by David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray as scriptwriters. As for the director’s chair, there is the name of Tim Miller, who had great success through his feature film debut Deadpool (2016). And after 3 years, Tim Miller finally directed his second feature film Terminator: Dark Fate. For players, the Terminator icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is again involved which also serves as a reunion with another Terminator veteran, Linda Hamilton, who plays Sarah Connor. The names of other players involved are Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes and Gabriel Luna.

But unfortunately it changed the fate of this mother and son when John Connor was finally killed by a follow-up T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) also disappeared after the incident. Then Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) lives a simple life in Mexico City with her brother (Diego Boneta) and her father when comes Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna), a powerful and deadly new Terminator, who travels through time to hunt down and kill him. . Dani’s survival hinges on two protectors: Grace (Mackenzie Davis), a super-soldier from the future who has been physically upgraded, and veteran Sarah Connor who returns.

The presence of James Cameron is not just for branding to attract original Terminator fans. The first 30 minutes are very visible, we are immediately transported with adrenaline rushing nostalgia like when we watched Judgment Day. In those 30 minutes all the main 3 characters appear in an exciting chase scene. Trust me, the first 30 minutes really keep you from looking away from the screen. So make sure you’re not late at all in the studio. After the first 30 minutes, we will slowly get to know our main characters.

From what is presented by Dark Fate, it is very clear that the creators of this franchise want to release the trademark story that relies heavily on the character of John Connor. The decision to eliminate the previous 3 films was the right decision that made the Terminator franchise fresher. Well, although the overall plot of the story is nothing special, but all of them are closed with the presence of interesting characters. First is the presence of Grace, her character is a mix between Kyle Reese who appeared in the first Terminator and Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation who here not only avoids the very powerful Rev-9, but also faces one on one. The second is on the character of the T-800. Honestly, it was a little amused when this Terminator went through a process of guidance and made him defect to become a defender of mankind.

Tim Miller, who is still new to the big screen, has once again managed to deliver a very entertaining spectacle. If the first Deadpool with a minimal budget but can be mixed with maximum results, then through Dark Fate with a much larger budget, Tim Miller did not waste this opportunity. Moreover, directly accompanied by James Cameron as a producer. Overall Terminator: Dark Fate seemed to pay for the disappointment of fans in the previous three films. It’s certainly difficult to surpass Judgment Day which is still the best of all Terminator series. But at least Dark Fate is back at its Terminator roots. A spectacle that is a pity to miss watching in the cinema.