Tencent Announces Augmented Reality-Based Metaverse Project


Although this time there is good news about Tencent , a game developer that we already know as a capable developer of mobile online games such as PUBG and Pokemon Unite, we will touch a little on the social media platform section.

As we know, nowadays people are very dependent on gadgets, either for just playing or doing work. Metaverse is an answer so that people can gather in one space without having to travel far.

This metaverse platform is already running on several game platforms such as Sandbox and so on. Tencent also did not want to lose. Therefore, Tencent is currently developing its Metaverse project.

Chinese social media and video game giant Tencent is another big tech company betting big on the metaverse as it launches a new division developing XR augmented reality hardware. Augmented reality refers to technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality that form the basis of the metaverse.

Tencent has announced to its employees the official formation of the XR division, which will be led by Tencent Games Global CTO Li Shen. The new division will become part of the Tencent Interactive Entertainment business group.

The announcement is actually a deviation from the company because the focus is on social media and messaging software such as WeChat or video games, where Tencent is one of the biggest industry players in the gaming world, but it doesn’t really matter, Tencent wants to do whatever he wants :v .

Reuters said from sources “with knowledge of the matter” that the new unit would employ more than 300 people, a significant investment. But it looks like hiring for the XR division will be flexible as the number of employees will also be focused on performance.

If the performance slows down, the workers are added or vice versa, (Tencent has a lot of money from PUBG micro transactions, so it’s okay to unload staff according to Admin).

The division was formed earlier this year, but its official opening so far remains unknown. Other companies interested in the metaverse include Microsoft and Disney.

Another Chinese social network and tech company, ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is also investing in XR technology and developing headsets through Pico, the Chinese VR headset company, which Tiktok bought last year.

One source told Reuters that internally, the division was seen as an ambitious project by Tencent founder Pony Ma, who called the metaverse the “truly real internet” by late 2020.