“Teachers” Movie Review


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the launch of the film “Teachers” at the online screening & press conference, with more than a thousand fellow bloggers, behind-the-scenes crew, and the cast and their fanbase.

This Teachers film is one of the original films in collaboration with SAS Film, SKYLAR PICTURES & STRO which was presented specifically for STRO , a subscription-based streaming service (SVOD) application from Stroworld.

Story Synopsis

The film Teachers is an action comedy genre film, starring Yova Gracia & Estelle Linden, which tells the story of a plan to arrest a drug syndicate hidden in an elementary school.

It is said, a policewoman named Agnes who is brave and agile to quell crime. He is determined to excel like his father and uncle who are senior police officers.

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One time, Agnes was assigned to uncover a drug case at a school. For the sake of his duty, he must disguise himself as a sports teacher at the school. Inevitably, Agnes tried to do her part even though she didn’t care whether her students were teachable or not.

Meanwhile, only Mrs. Meg, the only teacher who can be friends with Mrs. Agnes. This white-faced homeroom teacher has a crush on a chemistry teacher in the laboratory named Mr. Tulus who is cold and mysterious.

One day, Mrs. Meg accidentally caught a room in Mrs. Agnes’s house filled with her weapons as a police officer. From there, Mrs. Agnes’ identity was revealed and they agreed to help each other and work together.

Unexpectedly, despite not being treated properly as a teacher, the students like their new gym teacher. From the beginning they were lazy, until they could practice soccer well. The arrival of Mrs. Agnes was actually eagerly awaited by the students who needed her.

What is the next story of Mrs. Agnes in doing her disguise? Will the drug case be solved by Mrs. Agnes herself?


Well, if you’re curious, just download and watch it yourself at STRO. Film Teachers has been available since January 8, 2021 on streaming applications that can be accessed via Android, iOS or via a web browser.

But don’t forget to prepare tissues and drinks because the actions in this film are quite funny and make you laugh. Yes, of course because of the support of senior comedians such as Tarzan, Epy Kusnandar & Rizki Mocil. In addition, we can also see appearances from Garry Iskak, Teddy Syah, as well as several cameos that are surprising in every segment of the scene.

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This 80-minute film is one of the works of Sarjono Sutrisno as a director, who has been in the national film industry since 2008 as executive producer for Skylar pictures, Aletta Pictures, and SAS Films.

For parents who want to take their children to watch, please bear in mind that although it involves many children, this is not a children’s film. So parent’s supervision is really needed while watching this film. But, don’t forget to have fun!