Taylor Swift reveals the story behind the “national” proposal song


Famous female singer Taylor Swift said, “Love Story” – the song is considered the “national” proposal song composed by her in a rather special situation.

The hit song “Love Story” helped Taylor Swift get closer to the world audience 13 years ago. After a long time of release, the song is still chosen by many couples in the big moment because of its romantic lyrics and melody.

And also for the first time Taylor Swift revealed interesting things surrounding the song “Love Story”. The singer said that it only took her about an hour to compose this song . “All of them were my truest feelings at that time when love was in trouble, full of confusion and not knowing how things would turn out.

Experiences in love are all catalysts that help people go through many happy and sad states, and for me, those are still unforgettable memories in life “- Taylor Swift said.

It is known that Taylor Swift’s first love with her boyfriend at the same school was opposed by her parents. The two then broke up when there were disagreements, but for the female singer, the first love always left the most memorable things. She also does not blame her biological parents because they have their own views, but after all, what they want is to see their daughter as happy and successful as she is now.

Experiencing many love affairs, Taylor Swift has found her life’s landing next to British actor – Joe Alwyn. The couple dated for 6 years and got engaged in secret recently. The singer and her future husband did not publicly announce this information, but only relatives and a few close friends knew the good news.

Many fans are looking forward to the upcoming super wedding of two famous artists, but neither Taylor Swift nor Joe Alwyn has revealed any information about plans for this big day. Currently, the singer is busy preparing for a private tour in the US states in September.