Taylor Swift reveals the shocking secret about the red scarf in the song “All Too Well”

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Taylor Swift’s compositions are not only attractive because of the “top of the top” melody and lyrics, but also because of the unexpected “easter eggs”. In a recent interview, the female singer “hidden” about the curious detail in the song “All Too Well”.

Attending the Toronto Film Festival, Taylor Swift had an appearance that occupied the red carpet spotlight with a brilliant metallic dress.

The owner of the hit Cardigan reunited with female star Stranger Things – Sadie Sink at the awards ceremony.

This year, the singer attended the event as the director of the short film All Too Well: The Short Film . This short film is considered Taylor’s “response” to the wait for a more complete version of All Too Well from fans over the years.

Many details in the film make viewers think of the quick love story between Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Accordingly, the female lead segment (played by Sadie Sink) leaves the scarf at the male lead’s sister’s house (played by Dylan O’Brien) and the line “I put my scarf at my sister’s house”. I/ And now I still keep it in my drawer […] I’ve kept your old scarf/ From that first week/ Because it reminds me of innocence/ And brings with it the smell my scent / I know you won’t be able to get rid of it” has attracted the attention of many viewers.

From character creation to story context, Taylor exploits close to her real-life love.

When asked about the meaning and role of the red scarf in the film, she confusedly replied, “The scarf is a metaphor, um… And… We made it colored. red because red is a very important color on this ‘Red’ album, and I think when I say it’s a metaphor, I’ll stop… And I’ll say thank you for the amazing question surprised anyone who asked it”.

Taylor was quite surprised and shy when talking about the details of the red scarf.

It was this strange reaction by Taylor Swift that raised the question that the red scarf in the lyrics was a metaphor for the emotions of the singer’s “first time” with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Previously, the story about the scarf was quite popular on Twitter to the point that actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s sisters had to deny the incident and call on fans of Forever Winter ‘s vocals to stop making fun of themselves.

However, everything just stopped at speculation from the public because Taylor Swift herself remained silent. Besides, the fact that she opened the sale of the red scarf in the campaign to promote the album ” Red ” also partly showed that the matter did not go as far as people thought.