Tangmo Nida Dies in River, Police Urged to Test Lies of 5 Friends


The mystery of the death of Thai actress, Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong , has not yet been revealed. Several investigations are still being carried out by the police.
Thailand’s Senate committee on human rights, freedoms and consumer protection will ask the police to carry out polygraph tests or lie detector tests on five of Tangmo Nida’s friends.

“The police will be asked to re-examine several aspects of their investigation,” said Senate committee chair Somchai Sawaengkan, according to the Bangkok Post.

This follows a discrepancy in information between five of Tangmo Nida’s friends who have been questioned by the police. Somchai Sawaengkan suspected that the information was false.

Therefore, I believe their statements were fabricated,” said Somchai Sawaengkan.

He also hopes that the police can be more transparent in investigating the case of Tangmo Nida’s death. It also asked for a re-examination of the actress’ clothes and blood samples.

The Thai Ministry of Justice even formed a team of forensic experts to check the results of the re-autopsy on Tangmo Nida’s body.

The request for a re-autopsy is to confirm what actually happened to the actress, including burns to her chest, condition of her teeth and head, and internal injuries to her thigh.

As is known, Tangmo Nida died after drowning in the Chao Phraya River on February 24, 2022. He fell from a speedboat not far from Phibun Songkram 1 Pier at 21.00 local time.