TAN ‘Wild Idol’ Boyband Practice Building Fires

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The agency confirmed the news.Think Entertainment, as the management of TAN, revealed that the incident occurred in the morning at around 04.50 local time. At that time, a fire broke out on the first floor of the building.

“At around 4:50 am, a fire broke out on the first floor of the TAN practice building in the Nonhyeon area, Gangnam, Seoul,” said management.

Think Entertainment also revealed the whereabouts of the TAN members when the fire occurred. Luckily, they left the scene exactly two hours before the fire broke out.

Thus, there were no casualties in the fire incident. However, one side of the building looks damaged by the fire.

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” The TAN members practiced in the room on the basement floor until 2:30 am before returning to the dormitory. They weren’t hurt at all,” said Think Entertainment.

“All the members then went on with their activities without experiencing any problems. Even though they weren’t injured at all, they are currently worried about the losses caused by the fire,” he concluded.

TAN is an idol group formed through the survival show Wild Idol. They debuted recently with the release of DU DU DU.