Talk to the Clandestine Stars film will air on KlikFilm on Friday


The Clandestine film will air on KlikFilm on Friday (18/2/2022). This film also reunites Dannia Salsabilla and Abun Sungkar who previously played in the film Mariposa.
In the film, Dannia plays the figure of Yoko, a brave soldier boy. In the thriller drama, Dannia will struggle with several action scenes.

“If I were here as Yoko, Yoko would be a brave child and Yoko would be the son of a former soldier, who I will be holding hostage later,” said Dannia Salsabilla at the Falcon Pictures office, Jalan Duren Tiga, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, Monday 14 February 2022.

Talking about acting difficulties, Dannia was required to scream. On the other hand, he also had a hard time holding back laughter because his co-star Abun Sungkar was too funny.

“The difficulty is having to go into a role where I will be in pain later, I will have to scream later, and then move around so I will get injured. The difficulty is when the scene is serious, he (Abun Sungkar) often jokes. Abun this is often a joke. It’s difficult when shooting and the scene is serious, the default is actually laughing,” explained Dania.

This Clandestine film is my first genre and I get out of my comfort zone. I always play teen romance drama films,” he added.

On the other hand, Abun finds it easy to compete with other players, even though he plays the character of a child with special needs (ABK) named Damar. Moreover, he admitted that he had fit in with Dannia, who had one frame.

“My character here is Damar. Damar is a child with special needs who doesn’t have a mother at home, so he lives with his father who happens to have an electronic service business, so sometimes Damar likes to help, so he has expertise in sorting things,” said Ash.

Even though it fits with Dannia, it is the first time to compete acting with Shareefa Daanish Abun. Even though it means that the senior actress Abun doesn’t have a problem.

“The players are fun. I and Dannia Salsalbilla have worked together, so the acting is very safe. If you are with Kak Shareefa Daanish, this is the first time acting here. Building chemistry is also enjoyable and easy with not too much reading time,” said Abun Sungkar.

Because he plays thriller films, Abun also looks for references from other films. Including exploration of a child with special needs.

“Because I played the first thriller, I prefer to watch thriller films, like the movie Wrong Turn. I also ask a lot of friends who happen to have special needs, ABK,” said Abun.

Meanwhile, Shareefa Daanish, who plays a strict teacher named Puspa, uses Inspector Alicia Sierra in Money Heist as a source of inspiration.

“The deepening of characters is other than reading and discussing with Mr. Sunu as the director. So there are more discussions with Mas Sunu, so actually at that time there was one character that for me became a reference in the money heist, the pregnant policewoman became my character reference. really,” explained Shareefa Daanish.

Clandestine tells the story of the bullying experienced by Damar at school, this film is played by Abun Sungkar, Dannia Salsabila, and Shareefa Danish and directed by Dyan Sunu Prastowo. The film, produced by Falcon Picture, will be broadcast on the KlikFilm streaming platform on February 18, 2022.