Take A Peek At Nana After School’s Striking Appearance With Full Body Tattoos At Film Preskon


At A Press Conference Held On Tuesday (20/9), Nana With So Ji Sub And Kim Yoon Jin And The Director Of The Film ‘Confession’ Promoted Their Big Screen Project.

The press conference for the film ” Confession ” which was held live on Tuesday (20/9), was attended by a number of actors. Apart from that, the appearance of one of the actresses who starred in this film, After School ‘s Nana really stole the attention.

On the morning where the official press conference for the film “Confession” was held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. The event was attended by Nana with So Ji Sub , Kim Yoon Jin and director Yoon Jong Suk who will be promoting their film.

Guided by MC Park Kyung Rim, the director and actors gave a brief overview of the movie “Confession”. This film tells the story of a businessman who has a promising future named Yoo Min Ho (So Ji Sub), but he is accused of murder in a secret room.

A lawyer named Yang Shin Ae (Kim Yoon Jin) with a case win rate of 100 percent successfully tries to help Yoo Min Ho to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Nana plays the role of Kim Se Hee, who holds the key to the truth of this case.

Besides discussing how the film was, what stood out the most was Nana’s appearance. Nana appeared in a black mini dress off-shoulder style with open shoulders. With her overalls dress, Nana gave a new freshness to her appearance.

It is very clear that Nana’s body is covered with tattoos that propagate with unique images. It was revealed that the tattoos were all over his body as his shoulders, arms, thighs and ankles were exposed naturally.

The tattoo, which is believed to be non-permanent, has a prominent pattern of drawings such as snakes and cobwebs. It was a brave endeavor. She exudes a completely sexy yet intense charm.

Meanwhile, Nana returns to the small screen after 5 years through the film “Confession”. He will show his acting skills again through the film, which will be released on October 26. . . . .