Takaya Kamikawa will appear as Ren Nagase’s father, Masaharu Fukuyama x Hiroshi Oizumi “Last Man” as Deputy Director General of the National Police Agency


Takaya Kamikawa will appear in the Sunday theater “Last Man-Blind Investigator-” starring Masaharu Fukuyama .

Takaya Kamikawa as Kyogo Godo.

The main character of this work is Hiromi Minami, a special investigator of the FBI who was called “Last Man” in the sense that he was the last trump card to end the case. Came to Japan as an exchange student from the United States, he teamed up with Shintaro Godo, the head of the National Police Agency’s Personnel Exchange Planning Office.

Kamikawa plays Kyogo Godo, the eldest brother of the Godo family who has served as the Commissioner of the National Police Agency for generations, Shintaro’s older brother, and Izumi’s father. In the play, Minami comes to Japan under the “Japan-U.S. Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement” that he introduced with his own promotion in mind, and nominates Shintaro as his buddy. Kyogo agrees to the tag team of Kotaro and Minami, who are always causing problems, but he is worried about “something” and keeps an eye on them. Kyogo and Shintaro’s brotherhood is also a key point of the drama.

Kamikawa said, “I was surprised again that it was the first time in 13 years that I co-starred with Mr. Fukuyama. As soon as we met, I shook hands with him. This is the only story where I secretly let out a sigh of admiration at something like majesty.” He added, “It’s been about four years since I last worked with Mr. No, I even felt at ease with his friendly, soft demeanor and inherent cheerfulness.”

Tsutomu Kuroiwa wrote the screenplay for “Last Man: The Blind Investigator”, which will air every Sunday from April 23rd at 21:00. Hiroyasu Doi , Shunichi Hirano , Yasuharu Ishii , and Yoshihiro Ito are in charge of directing.