Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog’s yellow fox mate


1. His real name is Miles Prower, he got the nickname Tails because he was born with two tails.

His disability had made Tails feel insecure. He had been a victim of bullying in his childhood because he was born with two tails.

2. It was his encounter with Sonic that made Tails more confident. Tails is determined to be as cool as the blue hedgehog.

Since getting acquainted with Sonic, Tails began to follow Sonic’s adventures and became Sonic’s best friend and sidekick. Their friendship also makes Tails a more open, courageous, and independent person.

3. Tails was created by Yasushi Yamaguchi, the lead artist on the Sonic game development team.

The idea for making Tails started when the Sonic game development team wanted to create a sidekick character in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Yamaguchi’s design was chosen through an internal contest for employees held by Sega. Tails was originally made to resemble a typical Japanese animal called the tanuki. However, Sega turned him into a fox in order to avoid resembling an item in Mario’s game, the Tanooki Suit.

4. The choice of the name Tails caused a debate between Sega Japan and Sega America.

Sega Japan wanted the name Miles Prower, while Sega America preferred the name Tails. The name Miles Prower is a pun on the word “miles per hour”. In the end, Yamaguchi decided to use both names and his character was officially named Miles “Tails” Prower.

5. Tails is adapted from one of the Japanese mythical creatures in the form of a fox, the kitsune.

This character was originally designed with black pupils and only has one tail. At the beginning of his appearance in the animated series, Tails was made to have dark brown fur. Over time, Tails’ designs in the series and animated films were adapted to the game, which has yellow fur and blue pupils.