Tails Facts, Sonic the Hedgehog mate yellow fox Part 2


1. Tails can rotate both tails like helicopter blades to fly. While flying, Tails can keep up with Sonic’s running speed.

In addition to flying, Tails can make his tail into a turbine to move quickly on land and dive in water. Even better, the tail can be used to cut metal and type on a keyboard.

2. Tails has genius-level intelligence and is a skilled inventor.

Tails actually has a level of intelligence on par with Dr. Robotnik, but he didn’t realize his full potential. Tails’ inventions often help him and Sonic to escape Dr. Robotics. Various inventions, including Tornado planes, Emerald Detector, Sea Fox, Lunar Fox, and other battle equipment.

3. Tails is an expert in driving various vehicles, both land and air vehicles.

Tails also has skills in aerial combat and is one of the best Extreme Gear riders.

4. Tails is too submissive with girls. So according to him, he was once tricked by Amy and Rogue to get what they wanted.

5. The voice of Tails in the two Sonic the Hedgehog films is provided by Colleen O’Shaughnessey.

Prior to appearing in the live action film, O’Shaughnessey first voiced Tails in various Sonic games since 2014.