Tailgate is a horror film with a lot of emotions [REVIEW] (De-karma)

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Tailgate is a horror film with a lot of emotions, but mostly inhibitions with a husband who is not very smart.

De Karma is a Dutch thriller, psychological thriller, about a very ordinary middle-class family who are on their way home to visit their soon-to-be grandparents. But they departed later than planned, so husband Hans had to speed up to visit home in time. Things seemed tense when his mother kept calling her son to urge him on. Then Hans stepped on the gas, and pulled over another driver on the highway, but it was his aggressive behavior that made the driver remember his face. From here, the chase between the two sides begins. On one side are ordinary people, on the other is a serial killer with an obsession with the law.

Bloody Disgusting
As funny as it is, Destruction is still a horror film, with a rather cumbersome handling that is equally dramatic at first. The content of this movie is not much to dig into. It was only encapsulated in one morning, under the sun of a beautiful Dutch day. Compensating for the shallowness of the script is technically quite good. It’s clearly a low-budget film with a simple setting, but its effective staging style ensures its message is understood.

De Karma is a neat and clean movie, with very little blood even though the main villain is a serial killer. It’s also a quirky thriller with characters that are mostly law-abiding citizens. The paradox here is that the killer is probably the most exemplary person with his habit of turning on traffic lights, observing safety regulations for working with chemicals and even using signs when stopping. . Meanwhile, his prey is “on the plate” for violating the general rules. Opening with the hunt for a cyclist who violated…something – but certainly quite small since this is the Netherlands, confirmed the somewhat dark comic tone of the film.

Going to the main character, thinking about him having to die with his wife and 2 young daughters because someone accidentally hit the front of the car could not be more horizontal and weird. Compared to students who accidentally hit people or strayed into the territory of Hollywood cannibals, this cause of death is so funny and… worth it. There was something very satisfying about watching Hans struggle against the wrath of Ed the murderer. Stunned by a great crime is too normal, we, modern humans, easily get angry at actions that are only considered chicken feathers and garlic peels. And it seems like De-Karma is fulfilling our dark wish every time someone honks at a red light, but on the other hand, even the fear of being the same person.

Condensed, the premise of De-Karma is only encapsulated in the sentence “the law of the apple that spares no one”. Viewers can fully cheer the death of the male protagonist with all gloating. Hans is the perfect combination of obnoxious traits stemming from toxic masculinity and family stupidity. He is the source of all the inhibitions that the film leaves when the script comes to a rather harsh “turning point”. Frustration is something Hans bestows on everyone in the film and the audience can’t help but be spared his generosity, making you want to jump at the illogical decisions and petty male ego. However, if similar movies come from Hollywood, Dekar will be hard to please.

That’s the idea, but the urban legend called Dekarma is not very good and has poor durability. It has trouble trying to scare or terrify audiences despite the fast-paced soundtrack and passionate pursuit of a killer that bears many similarities to Michael Myers. Dekarma does a great job at telling, with coherent cinematic language that animates the plot with pictures instead of words, but it can’t interrupt, add, or “run” the tempo with the same effect. The entire film stretches from the beginning to the climax that needs a lot of explosion. The concept of a cat-and-mouse chase at first brought a lot of emotion and excitement. But over time, due to the inability to effectively use the elements of intimidation and the quick confrontation made Karma Removalcould not rise above the average mark.

Film Movement

In short, Destruction of Karma is quite similar to allegories with the intention of warning readers to behave well with people around, maybe it will save you from danger. Because now I don’t realize who is a ghost and who is a demon. But just with this idea in mind, the movie needs a lot more to get better. Honestly, the film is more suitable for those who are more interested in cinematography than script. It’s true that the movie has a decent script, but excellent isn’t the word for it.