Taehyung on Instagram: all his deleted posts and why he deleted them

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BTS member Taehyung surprised ARMY with new Instagram stories, but deleted all the content in a matter of minutes.

Taehyung updated Instagram stories with a series of content. Unfortunately, the famous 26-year-old Korean artist deleted the posts in a matter of minutes, so not all of the ARMY fandom was able to appreciate them.

If you missed the latest from V, here we share @thv’s deleted videos and what the BTS vocalist and visual said .

What songs did Taehyung use on Instagram?
The “Christmas tree” singer kicked off the day with a short clip from his car ride. He accompanied the journey with “Surf” by Mac Miller, a song that ARMY began to search for after the publication.

Later, he uploaded a photo of the highway he was traveling on. True to her love of jazz , she used “Autumn in New York” by genre icons Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong as her background music.

Taehyung and his video on Instagram [May 3]
As the last update on May 3 (KST), Kim Taehyung gave the final surprise by uploading a video from what appears to be a hotel. In this it is appreciated that he had some technical failures in the social network and shared that he would delete the publications before going to sleep. Although he did not specify why, it is not the first time that he posts late at night or early in the morning (KST) and deletes them when he says goodbye to fans.

In the clip, the K-pop idol also assured that he was busy and tired as usual, but in good health. He caught the attention of fans with his sleepy face without makeup and his disheveled hair.

Taehyung in “Spy x Family”
The superstar has reached the anime of the moment, “Spy x Family, through a curious reference. In it, the character is seen sporting an appearance similar to Taehyung .