T-Ara’s Hyomin’s First Appearance After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Amazes Me, This Is The Reason


T-Ara’s Hyomin’s First Appearance After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Successfully Amazed The Public. Check Out The Reason And Take A Peek At Hyomin’s Portrait In The Following WowKeren News.

On Wednesday (8/3), T-ara’s Hyomin surprised the public by suddenly confirming that she had broken up with the famous footballer Hwang Ui Jo. Their relationship ended after running for four months.

After announcing his separation, Hyomin’s first photo at a public event was revealed. Instead of putting on a sad expression, he appears fresh and enthusiastic while doing charity work with his friends.

According to reports, Hyomin has ordered and delivered a number of items and food to help the victims of the forest fires in Uljin. His warm heart received a lot of praise from netizens.

In the circulating photos, Hyomin is seen wearing simple clothes and beautiful natural makeup. He also looks very serious while doing volunteer work to help the victims.

This kind act made many netizens amazed. They also began to flood Hyomin with compliments like the following:

“Hyomin you are amazing,” said a netter. “I’m very proud of you. Your heart is very warm,” added the other netters. “You are a very kind and sweet person. Your actions are simply amazing!” said another.

“I’m happy to see you appear with a cheerful and warm image after breaking up. You are great!” another netter said. “You really are a warm-hearted person like an angel,” said another. “I’m proud of you, keep up the good work!” concluded the other netters.

Meanwhile, Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo became the first couple in 2022 revealed by Dispatch. They are known to have been dating since November 2021 and had spent time together in Switzerland.