Synopsis Through My Window, Hot Romance Royal teens of wealthy families Starting from Wi-Fi, starring Julio Peña and Clara Galle


Through My Window (A través de mi ventana) is a Spanish romance film starring Julio Peña and Clara Galle. This film tells the story of neighbor romance that started from Wi-Fi. Here’s a synopsis of Through My Window. Through My Window tells the story of the life of a teenager Raquel (Clara Galle) who lives in a modest house. However, the house is surrounded by a wealthy royal family, namely the Hidalgo Family.

The story that highlights a young girl named Raquel (Clara Galle) who lives in a simple house. He has an obsession with his neighbor, Ares (Julio Pena), who lives in a magnificent house across from his house.

Through My Window begins its story by showing Raquel refusing to read her story. Suddenly it irritated the tutor. Raquel didn’t have the courage and confidence to read her story even though she had made up a story as instructed by her tutor at the workshop.

The story continues into Raquel’s background and her secret love for Ares. Ares and Raquel are neighbors. From the bedroom window, Raquel could see Ares’s large bedroom. Looking around, Raquel’s house almost looks like it’s surrounded by a large, luxurious house belonging to the Hidalgo family, the wealthy family that owns a large company in Spain, Alpha 3.

One day Raquel finds her WIFI stolen by Ares. The young man argued that the WIFI at his house was very bad while Raquel’s WIFI connection was stable. It turns out that Ares not only hacked his WIFI password, he also hijacked Raquel’s laptop

On the laptop Ares saw many photos of himself. He also reads the journal that Raquel wrote about him, which of course the story still has no end. It was from there that Ares learned that Raquel was in love with him and he even realized that the girl often dreamed of being with him.

This WIFI problem makes them interact, albeit in a strange way. Then, it develops into a complicated and confusing tug-of-war relationship.

Unexpectedly, Ares has strong feelings for Raquel, even though he never admits it openly. Raquel, of course, has great feelings for the young man.

The more she got to know Ares, the more Raquel knew that Ares had a deep trauma that shaped his character now. The father was the one who caused him to become a playboy. That’s why, he disapproved of his son’s relationship with Raquel.

Their lives are very much different. Raquel grew up in an affluent family, while Ares came from a wealthy family called the Hidalgo Family, the family even owned a very influential company and owned the most magnificent building in Barcelona.

Although neighbors, their homes are completely different. If Raquel is at school and has a simple style, not with the Hidalgo family, which owns the most influential company and the most spectacular building in Barcelona.

Hidalgo has three heirs to the family fortune, namely Artemis (Eric Masip), Ares (Julio Peña), and Apolo (Hugo Arbues). Raquel has had interactions with the heir to the fortune, particularly Apollo for allowing her to use Wi-Fi.

However, Raquel actually has an obsession with Ares. Even though she has never interacted directly, Raquel knows a lot about Ares and collects photos of him.

The problems started when Raquel realized Ares had hacked into her computer. This happened after Apolo borrowed his home Wi-Fi.

Instead of stopping, Raquel continued to follow Ares until her neighbor found out. At that time, Raquel admitted that she liked Ares and wanted him. Ares did not immediately respond.

Until at night, Raquel removed the Wi-Fi so that Ares could no longer be hacked. However, Ares had other plans. He entered Raquel’s room through the window and turned the Wi-Fi back on.

Plugging in the Wi-Fi cable wasn’t the only thing Ares was doing out there. He teases Raquel but quickly leaves when the neighbor asks for more.

Raquel decides to take revenge on Ares. He came to an event and did the same thing, namely teasing Ares and then leaving him when he hoped for more.

The two of them did this repeatedly until Raquel felt something was wrong with Ares and made her emotional. Raquel’s friends try to help her move on.

Wondering how Ares could find out the password, one night Raquel found Ares in his yard to steal his Wi-Fi. Apparently Ares had been hacking Raquel’s computer and network security systems. He also knows Raquel’s obsession with him.

So far, Raquel knows everything about Ares, from the latest location to collecting his photos. Raquel even made Ares the main character in her writing.

Their relationship started accidentally when Ares and Raquel flirted with each other. However, getting to know Ares and doing many things with him, Raquel actually feels that she has met her ‘home,’ even though Ares has repeatedly hurt her.

Through My Window is an adaptation of a novel with a similar title by Ariana Godoy. The film version was written by Eduard Sola and directed by director Marçal Forés. Through My Window can be watched on Netflix.