Synopsis The Policeman’s Lineage, Betrayal in the Body of the Police


The Policeman’s Lineage is an action film that tells the story of two police officers with opposite characters. The act of accusing each other and treason colored their twists and turns. The following is a synopsis of the film The Policeman’s Lineage, starring Choi Woo-shik and Cho Jin-woong .

In a drug raid operation, Choi Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik) manages to catch a drug courier in a rundown apartment.

During the interrogation process, the courier kept his mouth shut about the identity of his boss. He was beaten all-out by Min-jae’s superiors. They were later sentenced by a judge on charges of molestation.

Min-jae is then transferred from his unit and ordered by Hwang In-ho (Park Hee-soon) to secretly investigate Park Kang-yoon (Cho Jin-woong) in the Yongsan district drug abuse investigation unit.

While joining Yongsan’s unit, Min-jae closely monitored Kang-yoon’s movements. The results of the investigation were then handed over to In-ho.

Over time, Min-jae and Kang-yoon’s relationship grew closer. Kang-yoon even considers Min-jae a confidant in all matters. However, Min-jae uses all of this to uncover the donors who funded Kang-yoo in catching the drug kingpin.

As time goes on, Min-jae’s character begins to resemble Kang-yoon who doesn’t hesitate to take illegal routes to catch criminals. This goes against the original principle that it is actually the same as criminal.

In the midst of this inner conflict, Min-jae discovers surprising facts about his father’s past. That makes Min-jae’s beliefs about the image of the police even more shaky.