Synopsis & Review You Are My Glory, How to Win Love


Making many fans disappointed because the PHP broadcast date continues , You Are My Glory (2021) is indeed worth the wait. Not only does this drama pair Dilraba Dilmurat with Yang Yang, but this drama is guaranteed to have a different story. It’s no wonder that this drama is selling well both in China and all C-Drama fans in the world.

This drama is about Qiao Jing Jing, a top actress who reunites with her old love through a game. After more than 10 years of waiting, Jing Jing’s love for Yu Tu was finally reciprocated. But the relationship between the two did not go easily, because Yu Tu realized that his status with Jing Jing was very far and different. Why?

Release Year: 2021
Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Tencent Pictures, Honor of Kings, Xun Ling Film
Director: Wang Zhi
Cast: Yang Yang, Dillraba Dilmurat, Pan Yue Ming, Hu Ke, Ian Wang, Zheng He Hui Zi
Number of Episodes: 32 Episodes

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The most awaited romantic Chinese drama is finally officially released. How good is the story? Here we provide a synopsis of each episode.

Episodes 1-24
Qiao Jing Jing received an offer to become an icon of a famous game, Honor of Kings. When he took up this offer, a video showing him playing the game went viral. As a result, a lot of criticism spread on social media, so he tried to improve his ranking and playing skills.

While working diligently, suddenly, Yu Tu, the person he loved 10 years ago, suddenly asked him to form a playgroup. Yu Tu the popular man who is handsome and smart, managed to make Jing Jing heartbroken since high school because he kept getting rejected. Seeing this opportunity Jing Jing got the idea to attract Yu Tu’s attention even to the point of deceiving him.

Yu Tu never expected to meet Jing Jing, because every day he met the relationship between the two became closer. Jing Jing not only managed to raise the rankings, but managed to become quite a reliable player. In the Honor of Kings open match, Team Jing Jing and Yu Tu won the game.

Jing Jing’s hopes of being with Yu Tu felt more and more real, but at that moment Yu Tu again refused and distanced himself. It turns out that Yu Tu is in a dilemma, he must choose to continue his ideals or change his job. Yu Tu is now working as a space engineer, but in order to earn higher profits he plans to become an investment banker.

His dilemma deepened when he regretted what he did to Jing Jing some time ago. Back at work at the space research center, Yu Tu felt a deep loneliness because Jing Jing didn’t respond. Yu Tu couldn’t hold back his feelings anymore, in various ways he tried to win Jing Jing’s heart and love again.

Finally Yu Tu’s struggle was successful, they were officially dating even the families of both parties already knew about it. Due to their busy schedules, both of them had to undergo LDR for some time.

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Episodes 25-32
Due to her busy schedule, Jing Jing stayed at Yu Tu’s house for the first time. The reason was because Yu Tu’s house was closer to the airport than his. While at home, Jing Jing saw how Yu Tu was always working late to do his chores. Apparently the relationship between Yu Tu and Jing Jing was smelled by one of the entertainment media.

They had been followed for days, from the launch of the jewelry brand starring Jing Jing, to dropping her off at the airport. But these reporters did not just stop, they were desperate to follow Yu Tu’s activities every day. Unfortunately, these journalists ended up being detained by the State Security Agency, because they carelessly took pictures in the Space Research Institute area.

Yu Tu and Jing Jing who found out about this couldn’t believe it, but they were grateful that this news didn’t leak. Jing Jing knew very well that Yu Tu’s profession was not a profession that was free to be made public. Space Agency workers like Yu Tu shouldn’t be too conspicuous, because their work is full of secrets.

Two years have passed, for the first time Yu Tu visited Jing Jing to his shooting location. Yu Tu’s arrival had been eagerly awaited, but Xiao Zhu was worried because he was worried that the artist’s girlfriend would lose out on other artists’ girlfriends. But Yu Tu came and amazed everyone with his desert makeup, even Yu Tu made a signal booster panel there.

After being busy, Jing Jing promised to take two months off and live with Yu Tu. They spent time together at Yu Tu’s house and looked like a perfect couple. Yu Tu’s romantic side was seen when he deliberately made and designed a special wardrobe for Jing Jing.

As manager, Kak Ling asked when the two of them would announce their relationship to the public. The reason is that many moments of the two have been spread on the internet, but Jing Jing still doesn’t want to respond to it. Even so, Sis Ling understood what Jing Jing was thinking, as she believed this woman knew best.

As time goes by, Jing Jing really enters Yu Tu’s life, he meets his lover’s best friend and office mates. Jing Jing was also always trying to improve the information regarding her lover’s work and had mentally prepared for it. Jing Jing and Yu Tu are now more open about their relationship, until Yu Tu finally proposes to her.