Synopsis & Review Yofukashi no Uta is an adaptation of the manga series, Teens Who Want to Become Vampires

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Yofukashi no Uta, also known as Call of the Night, is an adaptation of the manga series with the same title. This anime produced by Liden Films just premiered on July 8, 2022 and is one of the summer anime.

What would you do if you met a vampire? This anime tells the story of a young man named Yamori Kou who once met a vampire. His life began to change after that. Come on, follow Yamori Kou’s story in full only in this article!

Yamori Kou quit school because he couldn’t find satisfaction in his everyday life. Then, he met a vampire girl named Nanakusa Nazuna who showed joy at night.

This, makes Kou want to become a vampire too. However, there are things that Kou must achieve before he can become a vampire.

Yamori Kou feels very depressed after a classmate’s declaration of love. He can’t even sleep at night and roams the streets.

Just then, he meets a strange girl who correctly identifies the problem. The girl named Nazuna then invites Kou to show joy at night.

Kou was shown around the streets and then invited to Nazuna’s apartment. At that time, Kou was forced to sleep. Nervously, Kou pretended to be asleep.

At that time, Nazuna suddenly bit and sucked Kou’s blood, then felt that Kou’s blood tasted really good. Kou of course immediately realized that Nazuna was a vampire.

Kou didn’t feel scared, he was just confused and started asking many things to Nazuna. After that, Kou felt he had a new purpose in life, namely by becoming a vampire.

However, it turns out that in order to achieve his goal, Kou must be able to fall in love with Nazuna first. So when Kou’s blood is sucked back in this condition, then he can turn into a vampire.

Nazuna again explained to Kou about the habit of vampires drinking blood. Even though she was shy, Nazuna still explained that drinking blood for vampires is not only for eating but the same as having sex.

Even so, Kou still insists on becoming a vampire and willingly gives his blood to Nazuna. The following night, Kou started looking for Nazuna and for some reason he felt jealous when he realized that Nazuna drank other people’s blood as well.

Kou asked for Nazuna’s phone number so he could easily exchange information. However, Nazuna only has a large phone and makes her lazy to carry it around.

The next day, Kou gave a communication device in the form of a watch. So, now they both can contact each other easily.

On the rooftop of his school, Kou calls Nazuna ‘Nazuna-chan’ so he can become friends officially. Instead, Nazuna called him ‘Ko-kun’.

While on the way home, Kou’s other communication device suddenly received a signal. And surprisingly, the signal was from an old girl friend, Akira.

Akira explains how he could have the same device on Kou. Akira also feels happy to be reunited with Kou after a long time.

After his first meeting with Akira, Kou started meeting Akira regularly at the same time. Until one day, Nazuna appears and seduces Kou. But that made Akira suspicious of their relationship. Suddenly Nazuna looked annoyed and left the two of them.

Worried about Nazuna’s anger, Kou goes to look for her. Nazuna said that she was worried that if Kou returned to school, they would rarely see each other. At the same time, Kou felt relieved after hearing Nazuna’s statement and said that he had no intention of returning to school.

The next day, at midnight, Kou met Akari about to go to school. Then Kou invited him to join Nazuna. Although reluctant, Akari finally joins because she is curious about their activities.

Nazuna felt bored at home, she was waiting for Kou who never came. Then, after touring around, he decided to go to the public bath. At that time, Kou contacted Nazuna and as fast as lightning Nazuna immediately came out of the public bath.

Kou was surprised to see Nazuna who was so different from usual, to the point that he didn’t recognize her. When he found out that the girl in front of him was Nazuna, Kou felt a new and strange feeling.

Seeing Kou’s expression, Nazuna immediately teased Kou. Kou also asked Nazuna to immediately suck his blood, hoping to calm him down. However, this time Nazuna sucked too much of his blood, which made Kou feel weak and needed rest.

Kou pointed to a place that he didn’t realize was a love hotel. Inside, Kou is increasingly confused by his feelings and he wants to know more about Nazuna.

Kiyosumi Shirakawa remembers using Nazuna’s massage services. He returned to Nazuna’s place to relax his body. However, this time it was Kou who was doing the massage and after learning his age, Kiyosumi asked what his motivation was.

Hearing Kou’s explanation, Kiyosumi realized that he had not been happy while working.

Kou also felt that he had a resemblance to Kiyosumi when he saw Kiyosumi cry. So Kou apologized and said that one day he would give Kiyosumi a sense of freedom as he feels now.

Feeling bored with her daily activities, Nazuna asks Kou for an interesting idea. Then they went to the resort’s swimming pool at night which made Nazuna get lots of glances from other boys. Kou felt jealous and immediately pulled Nazuna who was being teased by two men.

The next night, Kou meets a blonde woman who seduces him. The woman said she was bored with her life and again, Kou felt that woman was the same as him. Kou then tried to comfort the woman, but suddenly the woman almost sucked her blood.

Just then, Nazuna arrives and gets angry at the woman who turns out to be a vampire too. When Nazuna fights the vampire woman who is later known as Kikyo, Kou is kidnapped by another woman who is also a vampire.

Elsewhere, Kou is interrogated by four vampires who give him two choices. The first choice is to become a vampire and the second choice is that Kou will be killed. And how surprised they were when they heard that Kou wanted to become a vampire. However, Kou only wants Nazuna to turn him into a vampire.

The vampires then explain that humans only have one year to become vampires after they first sucked their blood by a vampire.

Hearing that, Kou became quite burdened and set a target to fall in love with Nazuna. However, Kou is unaware of the other dangers if he doesn’t become a vampire.

Kou then reunites with his old friend, Mahiru. And they started to reminisce about the times when the two of them still often played together.