Synopsis & Review Overlord IV Episode 1 – 10, Ainz’s wish as a king This anime is also adapted from the light novel series by Maruyama Kugane

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Overlord IV (2022) is the 4th season of the Overlord anime series which premiered on July 5, 2022. Like the previous Overlord series, this anime is also adapted from the light novel series by Maruyama Kugane.

Ainz was worried about how he would lead his country as a king in a magical kingdom? Even though Ainz was surrounded by loyal and talented people, he still felt fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, the country’s rulers were confused by the magical country that had suddenly been created. Can Ainz block the other countries’ plans and create his own utopia?

Ainz was depressed from being surrounded by loyal servants, but he missed his friends, former guild members, very much. Ainz plans to establish an orphanage in E-Rantel and will educate talented individuals for the sake of Nazarick.

Not only young people, Einz will also employ the widows of Re-Estize soldiers who have died as a result of the war.

While Ainz was discussing with Albedo, Mare and Aura came to visit. Later, Ainz asked Albedo to explain to Mare and Aura about the state of the kingdom, where E-Rantel was currently experiencing a lack of resources. Merchants were afraid to sell after E-Rantel was led by Ainz.

Then Ainz visited E-Rantel to meet with Pandora’s Actor. Ainz asked Pandora’s Actor to be casual when meeting him. Ainz also asked Pandora’s Actor to keep this matter a secret, so there would be no jealousy from the others.

On the way, Ainz noticed that humans were still afraid to interact with him. Then he met a former adventurer, Ainzach. During the meeting, Ainz discussed matters for the advancement of the kingdom’s diplomatic relations.

Ainz was worried about his plan of having a peaceful kingdom. It would conflict with his subordinates who trusted him so much. In the end he also allowed Albedo and the others the chance to make an important decision, as well as to lighten the burden off his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Princess Renner visited an orphanage set up in Re-Estize. He intended to identify orphans with talent.

Princess Renner’s older brother, Prince Zanac, was currently preoccupied with turbulent politics. However, Prince Zanac was unaware of Princess Renner’s true plans.

Prince Zanac welcomed the diplomatic envoy from the Dark Kingdom. Albedo was happy that she was well received in the Kingdom of Re-Estize. But, suddenly a lowly noble named Philip Dayton approaches Albedo and plans to form good relations with the Dark Kingdom.

Prince Philip is very optimistic about his plans that can benefit himself. However, he had no idea what he was dealing with exactly.

Ainz gave Albedo some advice before he left for a town that was quite far away. Albedo paid close attention to Ainz’ every word. Even she was quite surprised that Ainz gave her a comforting hug.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the officials of the empire were discussing about the Kingdom of Darkness led by Ainz. The strength that belonged to Ainz was enough to cause great concern for the imperial officials. Ainz was also considered a major threat to mankind.

Then the imperial officials formed an alliance to destroy Ainz. El Nix, who is one of the leaders of the magical Kingdom, plans to join in on Ainz’ extermination plan.

El Nix is even secretly trying to form an anti-magic academy. And to carry out his plan, El Nix made an appointment with the envoys of the Slane Theocracy to meet at the Colosseum.

Ainz had no doubts that Nazarick possessed the greatest power that existed in his current world. However, until now Ainz still did not know which enemy possessed world-class tools. Ainz was also unsure about Albedo and the others’ plans for world conquest.

Ainz wanted to create a peaceful world and wanted to establish as friendly relations as possible with each country. Now, Ainz was trying to start spreading that info to more people. However, he did not reveal his plans to Albedo and Demiurage.

Ainz departed for the empire with the leader of the E-Rantel adventure, Einzac. Later, Einzac advised Ainz to enter a ‘Martial King’ match to fight the strongest warrior in the arena.

Albedo asked Demiurage if Ainz was displeased with his plan. In fact, Ainz had succeeded in getting the Baharut Empire to beg to become the Dark Kingdom’s vassal.


Albedo also told Demiurage about Ainz heading to the Dwarven Kingdom. Despite not knowing what Ainz’s goal was, Demiurage and Albedo figured that it might still have something to do with future conquest plans.

Elsewhere, Ainz was preparing to head to the Dwarven Kingdom accompanied by Aura, Shaltear and the lizardman, Zenberu, who had been rescued by a citizen of the dwarves. Ainz’ goal of inviting Shaltear was to broaden Shaltear’s experience.

After arriving at the center of the Dwarven Kingdom’s city, Ainz and his troops found it empty. However, in the cave they met one of the dwarves named Gondo Firebeard, a miner.

Ainz said he intended to form an alliance and was interested in the runes. However, Gondo said there weren’t many rune craftsmen left now, as it was easier to cast spells now.

Ainz then offered Gondo a favor to restore their pride. Gondo swore allegiance to Ainz.

Upon encountering Quagoa, werewolves, Ainz ordered Shaltear to capture them alive and gather information.

Ainz later learned that the Quagoa were an army led by King Riyuro’s clan. They rushed to the dwarves’ new residence and were guided by Gondo.

Back then, the Quagoa army had attacked the stronghold of Feo Jera, the new residence of the Dwarven Kingdom. Ainz then offered to help the Dwarf General.

The desperate general accepted Ainz’ offer. Ainz’s army of undead knights managed to push back the Quagoa army, but two of Ainz’s undead troops plunged into the abyss.

Meanwhile, Ainz continued his meeting with the higher ups of the Dwarf Kingdom. He immediately explained the purpose of his visit and offered to cooperate with the Dwarf Kingdom’s side. In return, Ainz would also lend aid to the Dwarven Kingdom and would reclaim their capital.

Yohz, one of the Quagoa troops asked Forst Dragon Olasird’arc to help them attack the dwarves. Olasird’arc then sent Heijinmal, his son to take care of the matter.

However, Hejinmal was afraid of Ainz and became a loyal follower of Ainz. So Ainz managed to subdue the other dragons of the Forst Dragon and become his followers.

Meanwhile, Shalltear and Aura went to confront the Quagoa to carry out Ainz’s orders. However, because Riyuro did not want to accept Ainz’s offer, Shalltear was forced to part with the Quagua troops, leaving 10,000 Quagoa behind. After acknowledging Shalltear’s prowess, Riyuro finally submitted to Ainz.

Ainz summoned Demiurage to report on the progress with the Holy Roble empire. Demiurage was impressed with Ainz for having succeeded in keeping the Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom loyal to him. However, Demiurage concluded a misunderstanding one-sidedly after hearing Ainz’ plans for the future.

Elsewhere, Philip feels despair that his people cannot grow as much food as the Ainz kingdom. On top of that, his kingdom’s finances had suffered even more after Ainz provided the Holy Kingdom with food for free.

Unfortunately, one of Ainz’s food shipments had been stolen. After tracing through Hilma, everything pointed towards Philip. Hilma too was surprised to see Ainz face to face, as she could feel his compassion and submission to Ainz even more.

On the other hand, Philip had provoked a war against Ainz instead. Ainz also sent a warning to the Re-Estize Kingdom because all those things were the responsibility of the Re-Estize kingdom which could result in war.

King Zanac and his ministers were caught in a war they couldn’t win. They blamed everything on Philip and expected Ainz to show mercy.

Albedo came to the Kingdom of Re-Estize and was surprised that King Ramposa offered his head as a request for peace. Even so, Albedo refused the request and still declared war on Re-Estize.

Ainz went to visit the Frozen Prison on the fifth floor of Nazarick to meet Albedo’s older sister, Nigerido. Nigerido and Pestonya hoped that Ainz would not continue killing humans because it would waste human potential.

Ainz agreed, but he still wanted to point out the need to set an example of what happened to the jobs that went against him.

Elsewhere, the coastal kingdom of E-Nauel is attacked by Ainz’s Death Knights. However, the Death Knight was easily overpowered by an adamantite-level adventurer clad in red armor. Then it was discovered that the flying red armored adventurer was one of the adventurers from the Vermilion Drop.

Ainz recognized the armor that had defeated the Death Knight, YGGDRASIL. Then Ainz moved his troops into the capital Re-Estize to destroy it. However, Azuth plans to fight Ainz in order to be able to single-handedly save Re-Estize.

At the battle site, Zanac met with Ainz alone to lobby. But Ainz refused the request so the war continued.