Synopsis & Review One the Woman, Cho Yeon Ju, an eccentric female prosecutor Reveals crimes

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Cho Yeon Ju, a quirky female prosecutor, applies for leave to investigate a case secretly. He never expected that his plan would lead him to a new, more complicated problem.

Yeon Ju has an accident and loses her memory. When she woke up, people called her Kang Mi Na.

Not remembering anything about his real identity, Yeon Ju lives life as Mi Na. She is the daughter-in-law of a rich family who is treated like a maid.

Intending to improve Mi Na’s miserable life, Yeon Ju actually gets closer to the case being investigated. Will his identity as a prosecutor be revealed? How will Yeon Ju uncover the case?

Jo Yeon Joo is a prosecutor who usually takes bribes from gangsters. He also serves special requests from high-end clients who want to escape prosecution.

That day he was given an order by his superior, Ryu Seung Deok, to handle the bribery case by the Hanju Group to the Director General of Taxes. Apart from that task, Yeon Joo has her own plans.

He will use his leave to catch Lee Bong Sik, a conman who has escaped from the prosecution because of Seung Deok. Yeon Joo will catch Bong Sik back for a promotion.

With the help of his team, Wang Pil Kyu and Choi Dae Chi, Yeon Joo attends a painting auction because he is sure Bong Sik will also appear there.

Arriving at the event, Yeon Joo is shocked because she sees a woman who looks just like her; starting from the dress worn until their faces are exactly the same.

The woman’s name is Kang Mi Na; he is the illegitimate child of the owner of the Yumin Group and the second son-in-law of the Hanju Group. Mi Na is married to Han Young Sik’s second son named Han Sung Woon.

Mi Na’s life as the daughter-in-law of the Hanju family has never been happy. Her own mother-in-law and brother-in-law and husband treated her like a maid. They accepted Mi Na because she was part of the Yumin Group family.

Coinciding with the painting auction he attended, an accident occurred that killed Mi Na’s father and other relatives.

The news of the accident that happened to and killed the Yumin Group family was known to Han Young Sik. Mi Na, who is suddenly difficult to contact, makes them nervous. At the same time, Yeon Joo was hit by a car while chasing Bong Sik.

Yeon Joo was then taken to the hospital, but Mrs. Kim, one of the workers for Han Young Sik’s family, immediately transferred her to another hospital. They thought that the unconscious woman was Mi Na.

This middle-aged man apparently had a plan to control the Yumin Group because his son-in-law was the only member of the Yumin family who was still alive.

Yeon Joo wakes up in a state of memory loss. However, the prosecutor soon found out that he was not liked by those around him.

Even though Yeon Joo’s memory is gone, her courageous demeanor is not lost. Her attitude that tends to be rough makes the husband’s family surprised because they know Mi Na as a person who never fights back.

Mi Na’s change in attitude was also suspected by Han Seung Wook, who had just arrived from America. Han Seung Wook is the first grandson of the Hanju Family and the nephew of Han Young Sik. After his father, who was rumored to have inherited the Hanju Group, died, Seung Wook went to America.

Seung Wook apparently has his own memories with Mi Na. Because in the past, Mi Na was his first love, Mi Na was the only person who accompanied Seung Wook after his father’s death. However, he had to give in and let Mi Na marry Sung Woon.

It didn’t take Seung Wook long to realize that there was something different about Mi Na. Little does he know that the Mi Na he has known and loved is actually Yeon Joo.

What other surprises will happen to Yeon Joo with her new identity as Mi Na? Will the real Mi Na suddenly come back?

Devising a plan to investigate a case, the notoriously corrupt and skilled ‘crazy’ prosecutor, Cho Yeon Ju, gets caught up in a complicated story.

He had an accident and lost his memory. When he woke up, his identity had changed. Cho Yeon Ju is no longer a prosecutor, but a son-in-law from a rich family.

As the son-in-law of a rich family, his life is not immediately happy because apparently, the ‘new’ life he is living belongs to Kang Mi Na; a son-in-law who is often humiliated and tortured. Starting with the intention of changing Mi Na’s fate so that she won’t be too humiliated, Yeon Ju actually finds the fact she’s been looking for.

With an interesting initial premise, the drama One the Women (2022) will entertain you even more with a strong and iconic central character.

Hosted by Lee Ha Nee, the character Cho Yeon Ju really became the main attraction of this drama until the last episode. There is just a whim and sense to get around an unfavorable situation.

The presence of Cho Yeon Ju’s character, which was performed flexibly by Lee Ha Nee, steered this investigative drama into a spectacle that was not too tense and serious.

Without reducing emotions in important parts, One The Women (2021) is quite successful in presenting an investigative drama with comedy spices that are not excessive.

The plot of this drama doesn’t seem to be long-winded, especially in the early episodes. We are immediately introduced to several important characters and their position in the story. It didn’t take long for conflict to emerge. Unfortunately, from the middle to the end, the consistency of the story begins to weaken.

From the middle to the end of the episode, some facts are revealed, but it doesn’t add to the shock or the intensity of the excitement. Coming to the end, the plot gets even more messy, especially since all the problems are solved in just one episode.

Completion of the long investigation and crime evidence that Yeon Ju got from the initial episode, did not end completely and satisfactorily.

The writer seems to have removed the interesting details that emerged from the previous episode. As a result, it seems that this drama is finished because it has fulfilled the quota of only 16 episodes.

With a duration of about one hour per episode, fortunately One The Women (2021) is not too disappointing in terms of cinematography. The emotions of each character and detailed shooting that can add drama to the story are not missed.

If you like investigative dramas with a touch of comedy, this drama can be an option even though it’s not very satisfying.