Synopsis & Review Mother/Android, Being Chased by Robots While Pregnant


A woman who is pregnant with her lover is forced to walk non-stop to avoid being chased by Android robots, to a location that is considered safe.

Faced with various difficult situations on the way, they must quickly find a place to give birth in peace and then determine the future of their baby.

Mother/Android is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller film by Mattson Tomlin that premiered in the United States by Hulu on December 17, 2021, and by Netflix internationally on January 7, 2022.

Carrying the theme of robot rebellion, which in this film is called Android, it seems that it has been filmed many times and feels outdated. Will there be anything new that will try to be offered?

Check out the following review that will review all things about the film, which was shot in Massachusetts, including the city of Boston and Lynn Woods Reservations.

On Christmas Eve, Georgia Olsen learns that she is pregnant from her relationship with her boyfriend, Samuel “Sam” Hoth.

Even though Sam asked Georgia to marry him, he didn’t expect to be a mother at his age. They then went to a Christmas party at a college friend’s house. Georgia and Sam get into an argument at the party which their friends then see.

Suddenly there was a loud shrill sound from an electronic device that broke all the electronic devices in the house, and the servant robot there suddenly attacked them, killing several of them.

Sam and Georgia manage to get out of the house and see the entire town in chaos due to an Android robot uprising.

Nine months later, Sam and Georgia are on their way to Boston to get out of America and find a safe haven in Asia.

A few days later, they arrived at an American military defense camp, where Georgia was able to check her pregnancy and was advised by doctors to give birth in this camp only.

Sam, offended by Georgia’s words, who is emotionally unstable due to pregnancy hormones, is determined to fight with one of the soldiers as a bet over information on a vehicle that will take them to Boston.

But instead the camp commander kicked them out. With a heavy heart, Sam and Georgia made their way through the woods again.

According to information, the City of Boston was strictly fortified and could only be entered by sea which made them have to walk further north.

Therefore, they have to enter no man’s land, where there are likely to be a lot of Android robots. They find an abandoned house and Georgia intends to give birth there only.

But Sam has other plans after finding a motorbike and fixing it. Although it is risky to provoke the presence of Android robots, traveling by motorbike will make them reach Boston faster. They broke through the forest and were chased by a group of Android robots among the trees.

Sam asks Georgia to walk down the river while he tries to distract the Android robots.

When in a desperate situation, Georgia is helped by a mysterious man who then takes her to the container truck where she lives. The man who claimed to be named Arthur seemed to have lost his entire family.

Even though Arthur has banned him, Georgia still insists on rescuing Sam who is being held captive at the Android robot headquarters.

By using a suit of armor made by Arthur that can fool the eyes of the Android robot, Georgia managed to get Sam out of where he was being held and was immediately rushed by Arthur to Boston by driving his container truck.

Georgia wakes up from her stupor and realizes she has given birth to a son, while Sam is also being treated after having his leg amputated.

When the police are interviewing Georgia about her story of getting to Boston, they discover the fact that Arthur is an Android robot who intends to disable the EMP ( electromagnetic pulse ) in the city.

Georgia took the initiative to precede Arthur into the EMP control room and was caught in the pursuit of a group of Android robots. Georgia manages to fire the EMP. Afterwards, Georgia and Sam are at the harbor to board a ship bound for Asia. But it turns out that only their baby can come along.

What decisions will Georgia and Sam make? Did they let the baby be taken to Asia? Or did they abandon their intentions and nurture them in the midst of the turbulent war between humans and Android robots in America? Curious about what steps to take? Watch this movie to the end, OK!

Chloe Grace Moretz . Excellent Performance
We have to be honest that the main factor that made us want to watch this film was seeing Chloe Grace Moretz’s very successful acting as a child star back then. It’s really curious that we are waiting for her to return to play in a film that can revive her name as a top Hollywood actress.

For some reason, some of the films he starred in before Mother/Android did not have good enough quality, for example Tom & Jerry (2021), Shadow in the Cloud (2020) and Greta (2018).

But one thing is for sure, Chloe Grace Moretz never disappoints us in displaying her acting talent, even in bad films.

In this film, he appears tough and is willing to somersault in order to save the fetus in his womb from being chased by the Android robots.

The emotions of pregnant women can also be displayed well, although not too exposed, only in two scenes in the first half of the film. At least he still appears in a pretty good acting performance.

Simple Future Calamity Visualization
The theme of a global catastrophe due to a technological glitch seems to have been brought up into the film many times, the best being the Terminator franchise .