Synopsis & Review Lovely Writer, Writer and Actor Involved Romance They met when there was a casting for the BL series based on Gene’s novel

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How could a novelist have an affair with an actor? Not just any actor either. You see, the actor is the main character in the series based on the novel. What do netizens say, huh?

Lovely Writer tells the story of Gene, a writer, and Nubsib, a young actor. They met when there was a casting for the BL series based on Gene’s novel. From the start, Nubsib seems to really admire Gene, but for some reason.

Gene (Up Poompat Iam-samang) is a professional writer who has always written in the fantasy-horror genre under the pen name Wizard. His name only skyrocketed after he wrote the novel “Bad Engineer” which is in the boys love genre. When a new fantasy-horror draft drops, his publishing agency refuses and asks Gene to write another BL novel.

To be honest, he doesn’t want to because BL is not his passion. But he didn’t have a choice, did he? With the promise of being allowed to write his favorite genre again after writing one BL novel, Gene began to rack his brains to write a new BL.

One day, Gene is asked to come to a casting event to find the most suitable actor for “Bad Engineer”. Yes, his first BL novel was so popular that it will soon be made into a series. Gene, who doesn’t like the spotlight, is actually reluctant, but again he is forced to come.

At the time of casting, there was one person who really bothered him, namely Nubsib (Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun). Not because it’s ignorant or annoying.. Nubsib gets on his nerves. Maybe because when casting, Nubsib suddenly made him an acting partner? Or how Nubsib always smiles when he sees her? Who knows.

Gene has had writer’s block for some time because he can’t write. Until finally he was ‘inspired’ by events in his own life. He also submitted a draft of his latest BL novel, “Love Actor”, to the editor. The editor liked the candidate for his novel because the setting is not on campus, so it is different from most BL. The main characters also met during the on set.

Even so, the editor was somewhat doubtful because Gene would tell about the behind the scenes of the BL serial industry in the novel. Gene insisted on using the plot. As he was about to leave, his editor again reminded Gene to write NC, which Gene hated.

While at a cafe, Gene meets an old friend from college, Tum (Ken Prarunyu Sooksamran) who now works as an artist manager. It turns out that Tum’s foster child is Nubsib who has been accepted as the main protagonist in the “Bad Engineer” series that Gene wrote. Even though it’s been a while since they’ve made contact again, Tum is not shy about asking Gene for help.

That is, he wants Nubsib to be able to stay temporarily at Gene’s condo. The problem is that Nubsib’s house is very far from the shooting set, and he also has to go back and forth to campus because he is still in college. Gene balked, saying they could just rent a hotel because Nubsib’s agency was so well known. But, Nubsib signaled Tum to keep trying to persuade Gene.

Finally Gene gave in, letting Nubsib stay with him because there were two empty rooms in the condo. In the morning, Nubsib had prepared toast with lots of strawberry jam on it. When he woke up, he immediately offered Gene whether he wanted bread for breakfast or not. Gene nodded and asked for more jam.

But, Nubsib has done just that. Hmm, quite strange, huh? Nubsib seems to know about Gene, right? Day by day, Gene and Nubsib are getting closer. It turns out that Nubsib’s presence at home gave Gene the idea to write his latest BL novel.

Nubsib’s main opponent in the series, Aoey (Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak), doesn’t like Gene and Nubsib’s closeness. Aoey pretends to be nice, even always saying that she is a fan of Gene’s works, but behind her back she hates them.

Nubsib is getting bolder. He openly confessed his love to Gene. Even though he wasn’t immediately accepted, Gene became more ‘ordinary’ to Nubsib, instead of avoiding him. Once upon a time, Gene went home to his parents for two days, while Nubsib stayed at the condo.

When visiting a neighbor’s house who is familiar with his family, Nubsib found something interesting. The family photo frame has Nubsib! Apparently Nubsib was Gene’s childhood friend. He doesn’t remember Nubsib as a friend because they haven’t seen each other in a long time.

As an actor, Nubsib also used his mother’s family name before marriage, because Nubsib’s entertainment career was not supported by his father. So Gene didn’t realize this. Back at the condo, Gene is furious at Nubsib for keeping everything a secret. He immediately kicked Nubsib out so he wouldn’t live with him anymore.

The story also flashbacks to the past, showing little Nubsib who was about to be beaten by Orn, his mother, because he played too late so he thought he was lost. Apparently that day was the first time Gene and Nubsib met. Gene, who found Nubsib while he was hiding, also invited the boy to play ball. When she returned home, Nubsib’s mother was angry because her son had run away from piano lessons.

However, when the stick that Orn (Poo Prissana Klampinij) was hitting was about to hit Nubsib, Gene blocked it so he was the one who was hit. Orn was touched and sent Gene home with Nubsib. Orn meets Run, Gene’s mother. The next day, Gene promised to take Nubsib to play again.

Sure enough, the next day Gene, Jab (Gene’s older brother), Nueng (Nubsib’s older brother), and Nubsib played hide and seek. It seems odd that three teenagers would want to play a toy like that with a child, doesn’t it? It turns out that everyone really wants to escape from Nubsib, except for the real Gene.

Gene took his leave of the gang of teenagers and asked little Nubsib to play. They even sleep together (Nubsib is staying over at Gene’s house). Unfortunately, not long after, Gene’s family had to move house again. That made Nubsib disappointed and angry that he didn’t want to meet again until the D-day Gene moved.

Back in the present, Gene returns to his parents’ house when Nubsib refuses to leave the condo. Nubsib who was in contact with Gene’s mother learned of this and caught up with her. Nubsib also confessed again that he had always liked Gene, even since he was little. He was forced not to admit to being Gene’s childhood friend because he didn’t want Gene to continue to see him as ‘little brother’.

After confessing their feelings to each other, they kissed. Even though he admits that he likes Nubsib too, Gene doesn’t want to make their relationship official yet. When they returned to the apartment, Nueng, Nubsib’s sister, was already there. He asks if their relationship is serious, tell his parents because they are not typical old-fashioned parents.

Gene isn’t really worried about that, but rather his own father who looks uncomfortable because his son is writing BL stories. What if their child comes out and has a boyfriend?

The day of the “Bad Engineer” press conference arrived. Gene also appears on stage as a novelist. He begins to feel uncomfortable watching Nubsib and Aoey acting together, because now he realizes he likes Nubsib.

The problem started to smell when fans of “Bad Engineer” were divided into two, namely Sib-Gene shipper and Sib-Aoey shipper. While going to the toilet, Aoey confronts Gene and then says hurtful things. That put Gene and Nubsib in a fight.

In the evening, Aoey chats Gene saying that he was having a drink with Nubsib. Even though it was another guy, not Nubsib. Gene knew that too, but he came anyway worried. Plot twist, it turns out that Aoey doesn’t like Nubsib, but Gene!

At first Aoey envied Gene because everyone liked him, while he was lonely. But, he can’t hate Gene who is very good. He even likes Gene, just like Nubsib who clearly likes Gene.

When Aoey was about to kiss Gene, suddenly Nubsib came to block them. He immediately took Gene away. He could have beaten Aoey, but he didn’t. It turns out that all of this was witnessed by Mhok (Chap Suppacheep Chanapai), Aoey’s childhood friend who is now distant after Aoey was kicked out of the house.

Mhok expresses his feelings for Aoey, but is rejected because Aoey admits that he cannot return those feelings. Apart from Aoey really liking Gene, Mhok is very close to his family. Yes, the family that abandoned Aoey because they didn’t want to comply with studying medicine and are now also involved in acting.

One day, Orn, Nubsib’s mother, came to her son’s condo. He was quite surprised to see Gene there, but then Gene explained that he lived next door to Nubsib’s apartment. They also agreed to go home (to their parents’ house) together.

Upon arrival, Gene thinks about telling both families about his connection to Nubsib. While having dinner together, Teep (Nu Surasak Chaiat), Gene’s father, starts an unpleasant conversation. He seems to really dislike the idea of boys love, especially from his son and his friends’ children.

Everyone is discussing about the relationship between men. Only the mothers seemed to agree, even though they were more open-minded about boys love, but not really gay. While the fathers strongly opposed it. In the end, Gene and Nubsib still came out because they didn’t want to pretend anymore.

The two families become very awkward, but still try to part ways amicably after dinner. When Nubsib returned home, Gene confronted his father. Jap (Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti), Gene’s older brother, also voiced his distaste for their father’s thoughts.

It is known that Gene’s father is also gay, or maybe bi, but in order to maintain the norm he married a woman, namely Gene’s mother. After that night, the two families who used to be very close became distant. Except for the two brothers Gene and Nubsib who are open-minded. Will Gene and Nubsib end up here?

It is said that Nubsib is a famous actor, that’s why he lives with Gene and can’t stay at hotels for fear that sasaeng fans will stalk him. However, when shopping with Gene at the supermarket, Nubsib didn’t cover himself up at all. Wearing a cake mask, a cake hat, he didn’t do all the camouflage efforts.

When someone recognized him, Nubsib didn’t admit it was him because ‘don’t want any fans to know he lives in that area now’. So why not try to disguise yourself then? The next dialogue was also a bit strange, the stranger asked “Did you just move here?”

I think that’s not a normal thing to ask right? Like, how do you know that Nubsib is a new person? Because it’s rare to run into supermarkets that obviously everyone can go to?

Tum, Gene’s old friend, also suddenly asks for help so Nubsib can live together, and Gene also agrees. Even though Tum and Gene haven’t been in touch for a long time. Nubsib is a total stranger too for Gene. It seems that in the real world this can’t possibly happen, right?

In episode 6, Gene meets Nubsib’s mother. He says that Gene and Nubsib are the same age, but why is Nubsib still in college when Gene has graduated long ago and has a career as a writer too? However, after the flashback scene in episode 7, it becomes clear that Gene is indeed older than Gene. Because when Nubsib was a kid, Gene was a teenager. Means there is an error in the translation of the mother’s dialogue.

Not just once or twice, there are lots of scenes where Tiffy (Zorzo Natharuetai), Aoey’s manager, and Tum, Nubsib’s manager, don’t do their job. You can’t accompany filming, you can’t take them home. Actually, what is your jobdesk as a manager?

Indeed, they were intentionally ‘absent’ for the sake of the plot. However, it would be too forced if they were made non-existent just so the two main protagonists could be together. Even though they didn’t do their job as managers well, I also want to praise these two characters.

Because, Tum is described as a flamboyant man. She likes to wear clothes labeled ‘woman’, is good at dressing people, can sew… All of that is synonymous with ‘women’s work’, right? However, Tum doesn’t care about people’s judgment.

As for Tiffy, she is described as a very cool independent woman. He drives a big motorbike, Tum is better at grooming than he is, he also fixes Tum’s broken car. This series seems to want to break gender norms, so it deserves appreciation.

Although impressed feminine, Tum is not gay. Likewise, Tiffy’s tomboyishness doesn’t make her a lesbian. Because the two managers actually liked each other, even though they had denial at first. Unfortunately, Tiffy had assumed that Tum’s sexuality was gay. That’s why he refused when Tum confessed his love. Because how can a gay like a woman.

Note: Assuming about someone’s gender and sexuality is not good, friends!

Apart from Tiffy and Tum, Gene, the main actor in this series, also has advanced thoughts. The reason is, he always refuses to write NC because very often scenes like that lead to sexual harassment in the world of BL. In fact, there are indeed many BL stories that glamorize things like that.

But, Gene is aware of this. Even though, in the end he still had to write hot scenes because of the orders of his editor who wanted to follow ‘market demand’. Indeed, sometimes the entertainment world is that dilapidated.

Until episode 8 I’m sure everyone hates Aoey. Indeed, he made many mistakes. Especially when episode 9 he mixed the drink that was supposed to be for Gene with something. The drink is eventually finished by Nubsib and he is the one affected.

Even though in the end he honestly didn’t put anything in the drink, because he just wanted to work on Gene, it was still annoying. Well, Aoey’s character always acts as she pleases without thinking about the other people who are affected. He is indeed narcissistic, egotistical, but it all has a reason.

If you watch this series, you will understand why. Don’t normalize her bad behavior, but at least we as viewers can understand Aoey’s character~

Many Thai BL series seem to make it easier for families and people around them to accept when their children come out as part of LGBTQ. But, actually, even in Thailand this is still quite a taboo. Especially for the old generation.

So, the reactions of the two Gene and Nubsib families are the most reasonable and realistic in my opinion, when compared to other BL series. Wat (Jome Sukol Sasijulaka), Nubsib’s father, is actually quite chill about his son’s relationship. He also knows Gene well, even considers Gene his own son.

What made him heavy hearted was that their family owned a big business. He worries that news of his son being gay could hinder their future business. However, her love for her son is greater than all that, and she finally allows Nubsib to have a relationship with Gene. Likewise Orn, Nubsib’s mother, who was just shocked at first, but eventually accepted.

Meanwhile, Gene’s family is a bit tougher. With the history of Teep (Nu Surasak Chaiat), Gene’s father, who used to have a relationship with a man, of course it’s understandable if Teep doesn’t want his child to experience what he’s going through. Hated, despised, looked down upon by people. That’s all he ever experienced and he gave up.

But, after talking to his wife, Run (Orn Ornanong Panyawong), Teep realized that perhaps times had changed. He just asked Gene to be stronger and sure about his feelings. Now he freed his child along with the one he chose.

The news about Gene and Nubsib’s relationship was also detected. The media is excited, because during the broadcast and promotion of the BL series, of course fans want to believe that the ships (the two main protagonists in the series) are real. But, with rumors of SibGene dating, drama ratings dropped, Nubsib’s agency and production house were in chaos. Huh.. Even Gene’s book publishing agency was also affected. Indeed, such is the BL industry in Thailand.

Honestly, I’m a little annoyed with the actions of Aoey and Nubsib here. Aoey selfishly wants the attention to stay on him (perhaps because he is worried that his career will sink, because he has to prove himself to his family). But Nubsib doesn’t make sense either. He even dared to terminate the contract right then and there.

He doesn’t care about his future, his fans, because he’s PD can pay the contract replacement fee because his family is rich. He also didn’t think about how Gene would feel if Nubsib didn’t continue as an actor because of him. Maybe because Nubsib is still in his 20s, so his thinking is still immature.. I don’t know.

The audience is also shown how cruel the entertainment world is from the management side. It turns out that Tum is related to the boss of the Nubsib agency. His decision to force SibGene away makes sense, but the rest is that he doesn’t want to lose his artist just because of a ‘stupid’ relationship. Tum was even beaten many times by the woman.

Domestic violence is not only done by men to women, friends. But from women to men, too. And that person continued to beat Tum while provoking Tum to hit him too. Luckily Tum’s common sense is still awake.

Overall, Lovely Writer is quite an entertaining spectacle. The story is quite complicated because there is a family drama too, but after a few episodes you will understand the plot. Unfortunately, this story is not accompanied by the quality of the acting of the actors. The problem is still not qualified in my opinion. What do you think, who have watched Lovely Writer?