Synopsis & Review Film The Croods 2: A New Age (2020)


After being satisfied, the anime film produced by DreamWorks Animation, entitled The Croods, was created under the cold hands of Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders; now the sequel is out and ready to give a new story which is definitely super fun to watch by families, especially children; titled The Croods 2: A New Age.

The story is still about the Grug family who return to have an adventure to find a new place to live. However, the search ends in the loss of the Grug family’s sense of belonging and makes Guy an identity crisis. Can they get back together and not be divided?

A little flashback to when Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) parents drowned, before they died; Guy’s parents had said that he had to find a place called ‘ tomorrow ‘ or what is interpreted as a home to spend Guy’s future in happiness.

After a few years Guy finally meets The Croods , led by a caveman named Grug (Nicolas Cage) and decides to go on an adventure with them (the first The Croods film).

The Grug family consists of Ugga (Catherine Keener) namely Grug’s wife, Eep (Emma Stone) Grug’s eldest daughter, Thunk (Clark Duke) Grug’s son, Sandy (Kailey Crawford) Grug’s little girl and Grug’s father-in-law who is often called Gran ( Cloris Leachman) teamed up with Guy to find a place to settle down. They survive many dangerous creatures along the way.

In addition to having to face many obstacles, Grug is also irritated by the romance with his daughter Eep who likes Guy, and vice versa. Grug is worried that Guy will take his daughter with him. This is made worse when Guy invites Eep to find a place in a ‘tomorrow ‘ without inviting other family members. Grug who heard this was angry, as he was about to leave; Grug found a long giant wall.

Curious, Grug and the others sneaked in and were beyond surprised to see that there were a lot of edible fruits and plants inside the walls. The Croods and Guys had a lot of fun; they started to eat to their heart’s content until one time, Grug saw a banana and was about to eat it instead getting everyone caught in a trap.

As they were hanging on a tree, another pair of humans approached. They are Phil (Peter Dinklage) and Hope Betterman (Leslie Menn) who are landlords; where they slipped. As soon as they saw Guy, the pair immediately let go of the noose. It turns out that Phil and Hope were good friends with Guy’s parents before their death and Guy’s disappearance.

The Bettermans welcome the Croods to their giant treehouse as house guests, where they meet their daughter and Guy’s longtime friend Dawn (Kelly Marrie Tran) who soon befriends Eep. Living under the same roof with Bettermans made Grug somewhat demeaned. Bettermans catered to them technologically advanced, more polite, and looked better in the eyes of the Croods.

Ugga, Eep, Thunk, Sandy and even Gran are starting to feel comfortable living with Bettermans with all first-class facilities, but this makes Grug even more annoyed and wants to invite his family to get out of the Bettermans residence immediately. The Bettermans thought the same thing, seeing Guy still alive; they wanted to seize Guy to live with them and drive Croods away.

It didn’t take long for Guy to become like part of the Bettermans family; from a more polite way of speaking, a neat appearance, a clean body, hairstyles to accessories that are exactly the same as the Bettermans family. This makes Guy a brand new and not recognized by Eep.

Guy even refers to Eep as a cave girl after getting Dawn stung by a bee while on a joyride with Eep riding Chunky, the Croods’ pet. Eep invites Dawn to jump over the wall that has imprisoned Dawn for her entire life so that Dawn can see the world.

But due to being too happy, Eep didn’t focus on keeping Dawn until Dawn was stung which wasn’t really that bad. Even so, Guy keeps cursing Eep, making Eep sad and hurt.

Troubles rolled like a snowball as soon as dinner arrived. Tensions between the Croods and the Bettermans occur when Grug tells how he feels about the Bettermans who slandered him to leave without taking Guy.

Even though the incident was under the influence of the head of the Bettermans family, Phil, who made Grug say this unconsciously and made it a weapon to attack the Croods family.

After feeling quite humiliated, the Croods decided to leave in the morning after previously mashing all the bananas in revenge. It turned out to be fatal. The bananas that were there were an offering to the evil ape monster.

This made all Grug, Guy and Phi who were in the vanguard kidnapped by the monkey army. Knowing the incident, the women and Thunk immediately helped.

Although previously there was a difference of understanding between Hope and Ugga, they began to put their egos aside. Especially when Hope finds out that her son, Dawn, is very excited to go on an adventure to help rescue Ayanya as well as Grug and Guy, her close friends.

The women then named them the Thunder Sisters . Finally, good cooperation is established. All united against the monkey army and saved Grug, Guy and Phil and even paralyzed the ape monster to death in the deep canyon.

After everything returned to normal, Guy and Eep finally reunited; they find their ‘ tomorrow ‘ is their own residence which is adjacent to the house of the Bettermans and Croods which already share the same roof. Grug’s wish came true, not only adding more family personnel, the whole incident even allowed all animals to live side by side.