Synopsis & Review Film Psychological, The Uninvited (2009) this film is related to hidden ways of thinking and feeling

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The Uninvited carries a Freudian theme, which means that this film is related to hidden ways of thinking and feeling that affect the person’s behavior. After the death of her mother, Anna Ivers attempted suicide. His father sent him to a mental hospital.

For 10 months he was in the RSJ until he finally returned home. However, he has not fully recovered, because even at home he still feels something is wrong.

Especially when he comes home and sees that Steven, his father, already has a substitute for his late mother, namely Rachel, who was his mother’s former nurse. Guess what happened next, huh? Check out the synopsis and review of The Uninvited from Bacaterus below.

A mother who is seriously ill (Maya Massar) dies not because of her illness but because she is trapped in a house fire. Anna Ivers (Emily Browning) was so devastated that she attempted suicide.

Her father also sent Anna to a mental hospital for healing. The teenage girl spent 10 months there until her psychiatrist said she had recovered. Anna immediately returned to her house which was close to the lake and beach.

Anna has no memory of the terrible incident that killed her mother. Even so, he is still often haunted by flashes of memory in the form of nightmares. Moreover, his father, Steven (David Strathairn), has a new girlfriend, Rachel Summers (Elizabeth Banks).

To make matters worse, Rachel was her mother’s personal nurse. Luckily, he still has his older sister, Alex (Arielle Kebbel) in this house. Another day, Anna runs into her ex-boyfriend, Matt (Jesse Moss), at the supermarket. He said that he saw what actually happened the night Anna’s mother died.

A curious Anna makes an appointment with Matt. But, Matt didn’t come that night. Anna has a bad dream about Matt, and the next morning Matt’s body is pulled out of the water in a horrific state. Local police stated Matt fell from the boat and drowned.

Alex and Anna thought it was Rachel again. They also find out who Rachel really is. How shocked the two brothers and sisters were when they found news about Mildred Kemp, a nurse who killed the children she cared for because she was obsessed with her widowed father.

While Steven is away on business, Alex and Anna try to piece together evidence that Rachel is Mildred in disguise and planning to go to the police. However, Rachel caught them first and drugged Alex.

Anna had run away and went to the police. However, no one believed him because of his previous ODGJ status. He was picked up again by Rachel. Then, what will happen after that, huh? Who really is Rachel? Is it true that he killed Alex and Anna’s mother?

If you don’t know, The Uninvited is a remake of the South Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003). I haven’t watched the original film myself, so I can’t compare which one is better. But, I watched The Uninvited over and over again because I like it. In my opinion, this film’s plot twist is really surprising.

The story and atmosphere built by The Uninvited is enough to make the audience goosebumps. Although, in my opinion, this film is more of a thriller-psychological than horror, because it has very little horror seasoning.

I even forgot that this is a horror film. That’s why I was shocked when I saw ‘ghosts’ and jumpscares which, in my opinion, ruined the whole film, which was already really thrilling.

Emily Browning is an Australian actress. He was 18 years old when shooting this film. Even though she looks so young, because the role of Anna is actually 14 years old, and Emily is still right to play the ABG age.

Physically, Anna is perfect for being a ‘hero’ character in a horror film. She is beautiful, innocent, has a traumatic experience, and has an evil figure (the future stepmother). Anyway, everyone will not think that Anna is the real bad person.

There is no need to doubt Emily’s acting skills. Because he has been acting since 1998 through the tv-movie The Echo of Thunder. Actually, not only Emily, the entire cast gave a capable performance. Like Elizabeth Banks who plays Rachel.

How convinced Rachel was that she was only good to Anna and Alex because she loved their father. How convincing Anna is to fool the audience with her innocence when she is a good child.

I watched this film for the first time when it was broadcast, which was in 2009. At that time, watching films with plot twists made my mind explode. But, after growing up and re-watching this film, I still like the story.

When the flashback scene reveals that Anna had been hallucinating about Alex all this time, because actually Alex had died along with her mother in the actual incident. That’s why Alex is only there when he’s with Anna, people don’t pay attention to Alex, and people think Anna is still mentally ill when she talks about Alex like her brother is still alive.

Anna was also the one who killed Matt because her ex-girlfriend knew that Anna’s mother and sister died because of Anna’s mistake (unintentional). But, Anna still wants to blame Rachel behind her mental instability. So in the end Matt was also killed by Anna.

Rachel, who is not really Mildred, is also killed by Anna. Rachel is just an ordinary nurse who changes her name to get away from her toxic ex. Not that she was Mildred in disguise.

I thought it was just Anna’s hatred of her father, who had the heart to cheat on her sick mother with Rachel, her mother’s nurse. He also had deep feelings of guilt for causing the cabin house to explode and catch fire, which killed his mother and older brother. That’s what made Anna like this.

Annoying her even more, when Anna returns to the asylum she meets her ‘neighbor’ patient, who turns out to be the real Mildred Kemp! So, Anna actually knew Rachel wasn’t Mildred from the start, right? But he pretended not to know because he hated the woman with whom his father had an affair.

Yes, most likely it is. How could Anna be released from the asylum in just 10 months? Because he manipulated his own psychiatrist. At the asylum, he might have talked to Mildred and created a terrible scenario that could get him off the hook even if he killed Rachel.

This film proves that stepmothers are not always evil, and the main protagonist who looks beautiful and innocent is not necessarily good. The weakness of this film is that it adds elements of horror with ghosts running around and small jumpscares. Which had nothing to do with Anna and what was going through her head at all.