Synopsis & Review Drama A Romance of the Little Forest is predicted to be one of the popular dramas in 2022

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A Romance of the Little Forest (2022) is predicted to be one of the popular dramas in 2022. Moreover, this drama by director Cai Cong will star China’s top celebrities.

The pairing between Vin Zhang and Esther Yu really felt very fresh and made many people curious. And sure enough, the drama aired by Youku succeeded in bewitching many people, you know.

The premise of the story is about two professions that are rarely known by many people. Then the storyline which is stable and has a gentle flow allows the audience to enjoy the acting of the actors more intensely. The number of 35 episodes actually feels a bit long, because this drama could actually be shortened to just 20 episodes.

For those of you who are curious about the story of Vin Zhang and Esther Yu in the drama A Romance of the Little Forest (2022). You can find out information about the synopsis and brief review of the drama only on Bacaterus.

A popular fashion blogger in China named Yu Meiren (Esther Yu) always looks beautiful with her cheerful personality. While she is working on a program, Yu Meiren is shocked by her encounter with a man from her past. The man is named Zhuang Yu (Vin Zhang) who is now a Professor of Botanics.

Still hurt by Zhuang Yu’s rejection in the past, Yu Meiren intends to take revenge.

When they were both in college, Yu Meiren once asked Zhuang Yu to date her. But the man never came, the night made Yu Meiren sink because she was considered a fake girl.

Not accepting Zhuang Yu’s words, Yu Meiren proved that she was smart and got her Ph.D. in Ornithology.

But she chose to develop a career as a fashion blogger, because makeup is what she is passionate about. While taking pictures and getting to know the types of birds is a relaxing hobby for him.

Back to the revenge operation on Professor Zhuang Yu, there were many ways Yu Meiren tried to get close to the man.

First, he asked Zhuang Yu to work as a professor supervising cosmetics made by the company that contracted him. Yu Meiren also deliberately moved into the same apartment as Zhuang Yu and started harassing the man.

Their initially very cold relationship slowly changed when they went to Qingshui Village. In Yu Meiren’s hometown, Professor Zhuang Yu is forced to pretend to be Yu Meiren’s lover.

The closeness of the two during their research in the mountains of Qingshui Village, made love slowly grow in Zhuang Yu’s heart. Their love story was moving very slowly, but Zhuang Yu was increasingly fascinated by Yu Meiren’s personality.

The nagging and stupid girl he saw, turned out to be able to handle his naughty and arrogant sister very well. He also didn’t expect that Yu Meiren was very good at math, understood painting and had a Ph.D. in Ornithology.

When love struck Zhuang Yu’s heart, this man was confronted with his promise to devote himself to research. Moreover, at the same time, Yu Meiren was being hit by various problems regarding social media news. Rumors that he had plastic surgery and deceived his followers made Yu Meiren very devastated.

On the other hand, Zhuang Yu received a letter regarding his study abroad and did not know when to return to China. Zhuang Yu felt a dilemma with his own feelings, because he didn’t want to add to the burden and make Yu Meiren even sadder. What do you think Professor Zhuang Yu will choose?

One of the things that made me so curious about the drama A Romance of the Little Forest (2022) is the premise of the story. Since reading the brief synopsis, I’ve been curious about the profession of botany, which is rarely touched on in other dramas or films.

After watching this drama, I admire how Vin Zhang can bring the professor character so well. Not too deep and not too shallow, this drama promotes a profession that few people may know so well.

The second profession that surprised me even more was that there was also a study of birds known as ornithology. This profession played by Esther Yu made me very curious. I can tell, it turns out that there are many things about birds that can be studied and are quite interesting.

The presence of these two professions in A Romance of the Little Forest (2022), is a uniqueness and strength in the drama directed by Cai Cong. I also want to commend the story writer, for having done research which was not easy for this drama.

Even though there are not too many scientific terms displayed, the outer side of these two professions is very interesting. It can be said that both the writer and the actors did their research so that the characters felt natural and easy for the audience to understand.

Even though it’s a bit strange to see a botany professor who looks so neat and clean, as if he had never been touched by the ground.

Not only promoting two professions that are less popular, this drama also presents qualified acting from the main characters. There is no need to doubt the character brought by Esther Yu and Vin Zhang.

One of the things I like, Vin Zhang brings Professor Zhuang Yu’s cold character with a softer facial expression. Impressed like the look he usually does when he sees someone, not a forced expression.

His character also started to melt slowly, but his cold side never left Professor Zhuang Yu’s personality. As for Esther Yu, she dispelled the view that a beauty influencer is a stupid girl.

Even though Yu Meiren’s various behaviors seemed a bit clumsy, this girl kept her intelligence. Yu Meiren’s character is very cheerful and her facial expressions are extraordinary.

Esther Yu and Vin Zhang also built their chemistry slowly. The reason is, their characters are opposite and require a longer approach.

For those of you who don’t know, China’s entertainment industry is indeed very strict. There are many rules regarding plot, characters and the use of animals in films or dramas.

Not wanting to break this rule, I like director Cai Cong’s wisdom to make up for the drama’s shortcomings. Unable to use real birds, the director chose to use visual effects to create them.

The visual effects that are displayed are also not just stickers, you know. This is because the birds shown in this drama look very real, because the visual effects are so detailed. Maybe the audience would not be aware, if the editor did not provide information that the bird is an effect.

Not only about the visual effects, I also like the beautiful drama sets. Taking a background in a mountainous area, the picture of the village and vineyards which are the main livelihood of the people looks beautiful.

The cinematography also blesses the audience with beautiful and emotional romantic moments. The dubbing and soundtrack of the songs given in this drama also seem very fitting.

Unfortunately for the storyline, for me there are a number of things that don’t feel right and are too long. Having a slow tempo, actually this drama can be shortened and I think this can arouse the audience’s interest more.

Then the screentime is quite long for the second pair, I think this actually shakes the foundation that has been instilled from the start.

This is my short review after watching A Romance of the Little Forest (2022). This one drama is actually very unique, it’s just that the storyline is too slow and gives too much spotlight for the second couple. But for you fans of Esther Yu and Vin Zhang, this drama is a must watch.