Synopsis & Review Burning Bright, A hungry tiger in an extraordinary exotic animal pet house

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Having a pet is a common thing that many people do; both those who are married and those who are still single. Apart from being entertaining because of their funny behavior, pets can be used as bodyguards or close friends who always accompany us so that we feel not alone.

But what happens if the pet is an exotic animal but is cruel and begs for mercy and instead ends up attacking anyone it encounters? The plot above is the essence of the story in the film entitled Burning Bright, produced by Sobini Films and directed by Carlos Brooks.

A local safari park is being developed, the owner, John Gaveneau (Garret Dillahunt), buys a tiger to be one of his collection animals. At the same time, Kelly (Briana Evigan) is taking her autistic younger brother, Tom (Charlie Darat) to get treatment for his illness at the hospital.

As soon as he wanted to pay for the treatment fee, all access to Kelly’s payments were refused. Kelly immediately called the bank and told him that John had withdrawn all the money and closed the account, making Kelly angry. Kelly finally came to John’s residence to ask for his money back but John refused.

Kelly was getting hotter, he said that his mother (who had died) left the money as an inheritance to pay for Tom’s treatment and Kelly’s college. Instead of listening to Kelly complain, John casually said that his money had run out to buy the tigers and there was no official referee for money.

Hearing that, Kelly fell down. He couldn’t do anything anymore. Apart from delaying Tom’s treatment, he also had to postpone his studies for up to two semesters due to financial problems. Instead of being compassionate, John even prepared his house to be closed tightly because there was going to be a storm.

The night passed and the storm started to come. Kelly had just woken up from a nightmare and was about to go into the kitchen to get something to drink. At the same time, the front door of the house opens and a tiger is released into the house by a mysterious person. When he got to the kitchen, he got a message that John was away.

As soon as he was going back to his room, Kelly saw the tiger was circling the corridor of the house. Kelly panicked not playing. He immediately grabbed all the windows and doors but all had been locked to death by John to protect the house from the storm. Kelly started to get scared, she immediately ran to Tom’s room and her sister was gone.

Kelly racked her brain how to get out of the house and find her sister. He tried to call for help by telephone but the line was cut off by a storm. He then tried to find his cellphone everywhere and just remembered that he left it in the laundry basement.

The tiger is constantly looking for prey, he is hungry and will chew anything that looks like food. This clearly endangers Kelly and Tom. Kelly immediately went down to the basement to get his cellphone, he avoided the tiger repeatedly and managed to find the cellphone and asked for help.

The 911 service was busy given the high demand for assistance services during the storm. He then tried to call his stepfather, but left his cell phone in the car while John was at the bar gambling and drinking. Shortly after making the summons, the tiger lunged in.

Kelly then climbed up and into the laundry chute which was above her head. He stayed there as long as he could while the tiger paced around sniffing Kelly’s scent. Kelly tried to climb the laundry channel and managed to get into the room where Tom was hiding there.

Kelly and Tom ended up like playing hide and seek with the tigers. Several times Kelly had to face the tiger alone until she was bleeding profusely due to your daily claws. Kelly finally managed to get into a room and block the door while he treated his wound, Tom looked scared.

In the room, Kelly gets a shocking reality. It turned out that John had taken out Kelly and Tom’s entire insurance policy. John was about to take insurance money on the death of both of them. Kelly then realized that everything was the work of her jerk stepfather. He was then ready to go to war.

Kelly finds a gun with 5 bullets. Not bothered, he immediately grabbed the gun and was about to shoot the tiger dead. Tom is asked to go to the laundry room while Kelly looks for where the tiger is to be hunted. When passed by the beast, Kelly immediately opened fire but failed.

Kelly also fled and managed to get out of the house by breaking a window and removing a piece of board covering it. When she was outside the house, Kelly was forced to go back inside because Tom was still at home. He climbed back up and soon found Tom and then hid together in the new fridge.

Safe from the tiger, they both fell asleep. The next morning, Kelly and Tom heard the sound of planking throughout the house starting to be opened starting at the front door. Kelly and Tom quickly came out of the fridge and saw John holding a shotgun to keep the tigers from attacking him.

John, who found Kelly, was shocked to see that his stepson was still alive with Tom. He then wanted them both after confessing that he also had Kelly’s mother for wanting to run away from him. He then manipulated Kelly and Tom’s insurance so he could get the right to receive the policy.

He also admitted that he was the one who released the tiger into the house for them. When going to Kelly and Tom, the tiger attacked John and tore his body and started eating him. Taking the opportunity, Kelly and Tom run out of the house and walk away.

This 86 minute film will not let you down or give you a chance to breathe. The screenwriters, Christine Coyle Johnson and Julie Prendiville Roux neatly wrote down what events Kelly and Tom would experience while dealing with the Bengal tiger at home.

Apart from that, the jumpscare that appears is just right, so it doesn’t make us tired because the heart is given constant surprises. It makes us instead focus on what happened after. The sound selection is also cool so we can’t guess whether there will be any danger that will come our way.

Kelly is a smart girl, even though she is a girl with a small stature, she is able to fight the terror of a Bengal tiger that is tens of times her size. We will be brought to the story of how Kelly’s intelligence was able to escape him from the tiger even though he had to be quick because of the beast’s claws.

We will be made to feel like we are in a movie and become Kelly as long as the tiger prowls all over the porch of the house. The most epic scene and the coolest decision Kelly made was when she was hiding in the laundry chute. He had to hold his weight and be slippery with sweat for the tiger!

Premises like this seem to still sell well in the market huh? Wild animals that eat everything are a great idea for sales for filmmakers. Films like this have sold well before, such as the films Jaws (1975), Red Water (2003), Frankenfish (2004) and the like. But what makes this film interesting is the animal used.

If in the film the wild animals used as villains are animals such as sharks, piranhas, crocodiles, spiders and the like, then Burning Bright presents tigers which are quite rarely used in films. A similar film finally reappeared in 2007 titled Prey and in 2022 titled Beast.

Carlos Brooks succeeded in making this film truly horror using only the terror of wild animals. The audience is made to enjoy the good storyline and Briana Evigan’s capable acting.