Synopsis of Suzume No Tojimari, Makoto Shinkai’s Newest Work


Anime fans are now cheering with the presence of the latest news regarding Suzume no Tojimari, the new work of Makoto Shinkai. Recently, the poster visual has been released, one of them by the official Twitter account of Toho Movies, Saturday (9/4/2022).

Reporting from Anime News Network, it was also announced that the film will launch on a beautiful date, November 11, 2022 or 11-11-2022.

The poster reads the words “I’ll see you later.” Not only posters, a video teaser for this film will be released on YouTube today, at 18:00 WIB.

Reported by Anime Corner, the official website contains a brief synopsis of the film.

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Disaster Door

In the synopsis, the character Suzume is introduced who will be the protagonist of this film.

17-year-old Suzume lives in a quiet city in the Kyushu region of Japan,” the synopsis begins.

Continued, “The story begins when he meets a young man on his way to find all the doors. He follows him, and finds an old door in an abandoned building on the mountain.”

Makoto Shinkai’s Return

“As if pushed by something, he grabbed it… This is the beginning of a journey across Japan to lock the door of disaster. Makoto Shinkai’s modern adventure, and the story of a girl’s freedom and growth will be revealed,” the synopsis concludes.

Suzume no Tojimari is his work after Weathering with You which was released in 2019. Previously, he was known for the huge success of Kimi no Na Wa aka Your Name, in 2016.

Action and Travel Movies

Anime News Network said Makoto Shinkai described the film as a modern adventure story, as well as an action and travel film.

“We have to think about closing the many doors we have left open,” said Makoto Shinkai.

He continued, “I leave this responsibility to Suzume as she travels throughout Japan and closes many doors. I sincerely hope that this film will leave a big smile and a feeling of excitement in the audience when it comes out of the theater.”