Synopsis of ‘Forever and Ever’, the latest Chinese drama to be aired on iQiyi


Chinese dramas are currently loved by many drama lovers.

Previously there was a Chinese drama entitled “Unforgettable Love” which managed to attract many viewers in Indonesia, there will also be another new Chinese drama .

One of them is a Chinese drama starring Bai Lu and Allen Ren entitled ” Forever and Ever “, which is planned to air in 2021.
Forever and Ever is a romantic drama based on the novel “Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu” .

The drama produced by iQiyi will air as many as 30 episodes with a duration of about 40 minutes in each episode.

Tells the story of a famous dubber named Shi Yi and a chemistry professor Zhou Sheng Chen, they both work together to preserve their family’s traditional craft.

They decide to live together and begin to develop feelings for each other secretly.

One day Shi Yi (Bai Lu) meets Zhou Sheng Chen (Allen Ren), at an airport and they are impressed with each other.

Zhou Shen Cheng who wanted to save the declining purple clay pot factory, finally agreed to get engaged and take over the business.

However he refuses his engagement to the woman his family proposes, and proposes Shi Yi instead.

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Shi Yi who was already interested in Zhou Sheng Chen, happily accepted the offer.
The longer the two of them, finally growing feelings of love between the two.

In order to develop the purple clay pot craft in his hometown, Zhou Sheng Chen was faced with a great dispute among his elders regarding the business philosophy.

Faced with such a situation, Zhou Sheng Chen was fortunate to have Shi Yi who always gave him the strongest support and encouragement.

There will be many obstacles that this couple will face in the future, which will strengthen the couple’s love relationship.

Sinopsis dan Link Nonton Forever and Ever, Drama China Terbaru yang  Dibintangi Allen Ren - Jombang Update

Raise the Theme of Reincarnation, 9 Facts about the Forever and Ever CDrama

Streaming platform iQIYI officially aired its new drama on September 6 titled Forever and Ever . Based on a modern reincarnation romance, this drama stars Ren Jialun and Bai Lu as the central characters.

Make the audience enthusiastic because it stars two rising main characters. Check out the interesting facts for the drama Forever and Ever below, come on !

1. Officially broadcast on the iQIYI platform, the drama Forever and Ever raises the story of the modern reincarnation of a couple played by Ren Jialun and Bailu

2. Airing every Monday-Wednesday, later Forever and Ever will have 30 episodes with a duration of 49 minutes

3. This drama is the reunion of the two main players after the drama One and Only which aired last August, you know

4. Forever and Ever itself is adapted from a hit novel that carries the theme of a couple’s reincarnation entitled One Life , One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones by Mo Bao Fei Bao

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5. Ren Jialun and Bai Lu’s chemistry is highly anticipated when this drama starts airing because it presents a beautiful and unique love story

6. Playing the role of a chemistry professor named Zhou Shengchen, Ren Jialun is said to have just returned from Berkeley and intends to be matched

7. On the other hand, Bai Lu plays Shi Yi who is a popular voice actor chosen by Ren Jialun’s character as his soul mate

8. In the supporting male cast, there is Ci Sha who is a new debutant actor until Wang Xiwen

9. As for the female supporting cast, there are names like Wang Rui Xin and also Wang Yue Yi