Synopsis of Chinese Drama Our Secret and Interesting Facts about the Players, Complete


Chinese Drama Our Secret, a teen drama that tells the story of an unusual romance between Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian, let’s look at the information on the drama and the cast of Our Secret drama.

Get ready to be blown away while watching it

Synopsis of Chinese Drama Our Secret

This drama focuses on a girl named Ding Xian, she is a new student at her current college. On the first day he came to his campus he had caused a stir because of his actions.

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He tried to break into the boys’ dormitory under the pretext of looking for someone. However, his action was thwarted. Ding Xian didn’t run out of ideas as he shouted loudly for the person he was looking for, Zhou Siyue.

Many students gathered around him, not a few also took it on their cellphones, until Zhou Siyue came. The two moved away from the crowd and chatted in a quieter area.

Ding Xian expressed his feelings for Zhou Siyue and questioned Zhou Siyue’s feelings too, their past was not simple. They have been through a lot of tears and laughs together.

However, Zhou Siyue rejected Ding Xian’s statement, he also tried to convince Ding Xian that his past meant nothing to him.

Ding Xian did not just give up, he realized that there were many misunderstandings in his past, and tried to straighten out the feelings he felt during his school days to Zhou Siyue by giving a robot (given by Zhou Siyue) with a password from the site that Zhou Siyue created for him.

Can the misunderstanding between them be resolved? What made Zhou Siyue stay away from Ding Xian? Everything will be answered if you watch the drama thoroughly.

Our Secret Chinese Drama Review
This drama carries the theme of school romance that is not boring. They also don’t forget what the true nature of school is without getting too immersed in teenage love stories.

The storyline is mature, neat and doesn’t make the audience comfortable to watch it. Coupled with the reality of struggling in exams, university admission is realistically matched in this drama.

It’s really suitable for those of you who are looking for a school drama or series that doesn’t suck and is still focused on school.

This drama is released on IQiyi every Tuesday and Wednesday, with 24 episodes.

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Chinese Drama Our Secret and Interesting Facts
Chen Zhe Yuan
He played the role of Zhou Siyue. The man who was born on October 29, 1996 is a graduate of Shenzhen University majoring in acting.

In 2015 he participated in the talent search event “King of Pop”. And started his career debut in the drama “All About Secrets” as Duan Bo Wen in 2017. He also starred in the martial arts drama “The Legend of Zu 2” in the same year as Yu Ying Qi.

Rainbow or Xu Meng Jie plays Ding Xian, he is a singer and also an actress under Zimei Tao Culture who is also a member of the girl group Lady Bees which debuted in 2016 which has been disbanded since 2019.

He has also starred in several dramas prior to Our Secret including the dramas Project 17: SPIKE as Lin Wei and Lve Me Fearlessly as Yu Gou.

Wang Xe Xuan
In the drama Our Secret he played the role of Song Zi Qi, Zhou Si Yue’s best friend. The latest drama that he has starred in before the drama Our Secret is Hallo Debate Opponent 2 as Ma Nan (main character) and several other dramas as supporting actors, one of which is Girlfirend drama.

Wang Yi Lan
He plays Kong Sha Di, Ding Xian’s best friend, who is also Xe Xuan’s lover. This drama is Wang Yi Lan’s debut drama. See you again in the new drama.

Well, that’s all the information related to the synopsis of the Chinese drama Our Secret and interesting facts about the players, hopefully it can help and don’t forget to stream it, it’s a legal application.

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