Synopsis of Black Adam (DC), Perfectly Played by Dwayne Johnson, The Best Villain of the Universe Airs Today

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The Black Adam movie , played by the flamboyant actor Dwayne Johnson , starts airing today . The story of the best villain in DC Comics history .

To be precise, Black Adam will be released on October 19, 2022, in all cinemas in the country. This movie is eagerly awaited because it stars the famous figure of Dwayne Johnson . In addition, the character Black Adam is the most famous Villain in DC Comics .

For fans of DC comics, the name Black Adamwill not sound foreign. The fictional character called the anti-hero or villain is said to be perfectly played by a male alumni of the WWE reality show.

Dwayne Johnson in this movie plays as the main character who is certainly important. Known at birth named Teth-Adam.

There is also the presence of Henry Cavill as the ruler of the DC universe or Superman who appears in several footages.

Adam will later deal with Pierce Brosnan who plays his role as Doctor Fate in the story.

Synopsis Black Adam

: 5000 years ago, a slave named Teth-Adam from Kahndaq unexpectedly received a power that came from an Egyptian god.

A force that he carried with the task of helping the evil that spread throughout the body of the Kahndaq, the majority of whom were slaves.

Unfortunately, Adam could not stably control the power that was bestowed upon him.

Even when the Kahndaq needed it to free themselves from the shackles of slavery.

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Adam’s fate must be reversed, from a human with superhuman strength, to being a prisoner of the ancient wizard Shazam.

Considered unworthy and unable to proportionate the power he received, the reason why Shazam even wanted to kill Adam.

Until thousands of years passed and Adam almost no one recognized, he became a legend for the people of Kahndaq.

Until the point where a revolutionary named Adrianna Tomaz dug the grave of Teth-Adam while being chased by the evil organization Intergang.

Without realizing it, Adrianna succeeded in making Adam free with super powers that could not be separated from his soul.

Immediately, Adam’s awakening and the rise of a legend that is considered terrible for the Kahndaq people.

A swarm of Intergangs in just the blink of an eye, vanished and was crushed by the resurrected Adam.

Hearing the news of the resurrection, Hawkman who is the leader of the Justice Society tries to meet him.

However, the Justice Society first asked Adam to surrender himself in order to prevent any possible brutality from his powers.

His high ego made him refuse the request, because he felt he was only in charge of guarding Kahndaq from Intergang’s attacks.

However, the disagreements between the two parties were resolved when Intergang became their second enemy. The organization kidnaps Amon who is Adrianna’s son.

The way to save Amon is a steep one, because it will put the Kahndaq and mankind in a dangerous situation.

The Intergang organization itself has a goal to steal the king’s crown, where the crown will be used to be able to awaken Sabbac, a terrible demon in the DC universe.

Black Adam , played by Dwayne Johnson , starts airing today and can order tickets at the nearest cinema. DC Comics Villain Storythis is quite worth watching, considering the cooperation between the anti-hero villain and the Justice Society.