Synopsis Hello Ja Doo: Exploring the Beauty of Jeju Island Korea Through Animated Movies

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So far, it seems that I rarely or have never even reviewed animated Movies produced by South Korea . Apart from the fact that this type of Movie only sets a specific target and market share, animated Movies are also one of the rarest Movies produced in the world of cinema. But for this time, I will review an exciting animated Movie from South Korea entitled Hello Ja Doo: The Secret of Jeju Island .

The Movie, directed by Son Seok Woo, was officially released in South Korea on January 27, 2022. Even though it is an animation genre , this 90-minute Movie has succeeded in attracting audiences of more than 120 thousand pairs of eyes, you know in South Korean cinemas. The story in the Movie Hello Ja Doo: The Secret of Jeju Island is quite simple, namely the change from dislike to like in friendship in the world of children wrapped in an exciting adventure .

Ja Doo, a little girl, is unhappy with Jeon Bok, a boy from Jeju Island whom she meets while on a family trip . Moreover, Ja Doo feels that there is something strange about Jeon Bok eyes when he looks at his best friend, Yoon Seok.

Ja Doo annoyance intensifies when Yoon Seok, Ja Doo best friend, becomes close and prefers to play with Jeon Bok over him. Unknowingly, an angry Ja Doo accidentally drops a stone statue and resurrects Bo Ri, an ancient evil entity, sealed through a curse in the past.

Of course everyone panicked. What more, Bo Ri, who has risen, vents her anger on everyone she meets there. With the power of light, Bo Ri turns anything to stone. Yes, anyone who is exposed to light from Bo Ri, will harden and petrify.

Of course this can not be allowed. Ja Doo and his friends try their best and find a way to bring all the hardened people back to their original state. Until one day, they discover a big secret, which will determine the fate of Jeju Island and its inhabitants. What do you think the fate of Jeju Island will be next? What will Ja Doo and his friends do? Watch it in the movie Hello Ja Doo: The Secret of Jeju Island , OK!

Although Hello Ja Doo: The Secret of Jeju Island is an animated Movie, it is also suitable for adults who want to heal for a while from their routine. Moreover, because the genre is animation, this Movie can be watched with siblings or nephews, you know.