Synopsis Babylon The story of the beginning of the Golden Age of the Hollywood Film Industry, Wild Dreams and the Heat of the Hollywood Film Industry


Babylon tells the story of the golden age of Hollywood cinema from silent films to sound films. The film, which aired in the United States on December 23 last year, starred a series of world-renowned actors and artists, two of whom have even won Oscars, such as Brad Pitt and Spike Jonze.

Apart from these two actors, there are also Margot Robbie, Diego Calva, Li Jun Li, Jovan Adepo, Tobey Maguire, Jean Smart, Lukas Haas, and others.

From Jimmy Kimmel’s show, which aired on January 4, 2023, it is known that Babylon is Diego Calva’s first full English film. He said that his mother tongue was not English but Spanish.

Initially, before getting Margot Robbie as the female lead, this film had actually chosen star Emma Stone. But before this film was produced, Emma Stone was forced to resign due to colliding with the shooting of another film.

This film with a long duration, which is 3 hours 8 minutes, was directed by Damien Chazelle. Aside from being a director, Damien Chazelle also doubles as a screenwriter. In an interview, he revealed that Babylon was written in 2009 before the film La La Land.

Since its screening on the Christmas holidays in 2022, the film Babylon has won a series of Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild.

Synopsis Babylon

This film, produced by Olivia Hamilton, has a historical background in 1920, bringing us the history of the golden age of Hollywood. This film tells the story of a golden moment in which Los Angeles turned into a metropolis.

This film, which is a historical period of the transition of the Hollywood film industry from silent films to sound films, will showcase Brad Pitt’s acting skills as a famous actor who has starred in many silent films.

While Margot Robbie plays a young actor with a fast-paced career, this film will showcase big ambitions for actors and artists behind the scenes in the Hollywood film industry.

Until the collapse of the Hollywood film industry when the world’s eyes were fixed on their work, Babylon will present a life full of glamorous parties which is a marker of the beginning of the transition to Hollywood film life.

Quoted from the cheatsheet, the following is a review of the Babylon film, played by a number of well-known stars.

Set in the roaring 1920s, Hollywood is entering a period of transition with the introduction of voices, also called “talkies”.

However, silent film star Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt) continues to enjoy his life of excess as much as any other event.

He strives to continue to reach the top of his career, while always pursuing his idea of the perfect woman.

Meanwhile, Babylon also takes the perspective of those who dream of becoming a part of Hollywood.

Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie) is an aspiring actor who is willing to do whatever it takes to show the world what she is capable of.

Meanwhile, Manny Torres (Diego Calva) works as a strong Hollywood type assistant, but his heart wants to work in films to be a part of something bigger.

** Damien Chazelle found love and pain in Hollywood

Damien Chazelle integrates excess into Babylon – partying, nudity, drugs and bodily fluids.

He set the story in a time when Hollywood had fewer rules, but everyone wanted to be included in the party.

Nellie boldly believed she was already part of the group, telling Manny that you were either born a star, or you weren’t.

He feels strongly that he is destined for something greater, which brings out a kindred spirit from Manny.

The passion one has for making films is an intimate passion that acts as the heart amidst the clamor that makes Damien Chazelle immerse the audience, even if the industry sucks.

Babylon moves at full throttle for most of its runtime, creating a dizzying experience that’s undoubtedly chaotic and messy, but editor Tom Cross spun all the moving parts into something impactful.

Justin Hurwitz’s perfect score is an unforgettable wall of sound that embraces the journey even more.

Damien Chazelle draws heavily from Singin` in the Rain, La Dolce Vita, Boogie Nights and The Wolf of Wall Street, to completely recreate the scene with a dirty, contemporary twist.

Their inclusions make a statement of their own, but your mileage may vary in effectiveness.

In a rare moment that the film catches its breath, Damien Chazelle displays both sincerity and vulnerability.

Hollywood has always been a turning point for talent, but this film has a grain of gentle truth that is especially true for a watershed moment in film history where sound changed everything.

However, they resonate in the present and will continue to do so in the future. Damien Chazelle created La La Land for fools who dream, but he created Babylon to show the consequences of those who indulge him.

Still, Damien Chazelle doesn’t take himself too seriously. He manages to find dramatic beats worth pausing for, though he also finds the comedy compelling.

Margot Robbie hits the gas pedal, going all out in a performance that hilariously delivers the scene’s most prominent joke.

However, Diego Calva was a complete knock-out in a star turn that will no doubt make him a spectacle.

Babylon is a bold Hollywood epic that truly boggles the senses.

Damien Chazelle showed some restraint and threw everything at the wall, but to his surprise, many jumped.

Much like the story itself, the runtime is a bit excessive, though there’s no doubt that this hedonistic celebration knows how to bring the house down.