Sweet Girl Movie Facts, A Father’s Revenge Story


Netflix re-released its new film in August, to be exact on August 20, 2021. Titled Sweet Girl , this film tells the story of a husband and father. He tries to uphold justice against the bad people who caused the death of his beloved wife.

Not a week after its release, the film Sweet Girl has won a lot of praise from film lovers. Well, because of that, it’s good for us to also know the facts behind this thriller-action film. Let’s take a look at the five facts below!

Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced are the main characters
Jason Momoa has had such a brilliant acting career. His name even more soared when he successfully played the figure of Aquaman in the film Justice League (2017). For his success, he was again lined up to become the main character in the action film Sweet Girl (2021). In this film, Jason Momoa plays Ray Cooper, the husband who lost his wife’s life. Disapproved of because of the inappropriate justice, Cooper as the husband tried to uphold the justice.

Not alone, Isabela Merced also accompanies Jason Momoa in decorating this film. Isabela plays Ray Cooper’s daughter, Rachel Cooper. The touching moments when Ray tries to protect his family actually become the most slick scenes in the Sweet Girl film .

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A list of supporting players that are no less famous and slick!
Apart from Isabela Merced and Jason Momoa, the film Sweet Girl also involves other great players. Like Adria Arjona as the wife of the main character, namely Amanda Cooper.

There is also Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Amo Santos, Amy Brenneman as Diana Morgan, Justin Bartha as Simon Keeley, Raza Jaffrey as Vinod Shah, Lex Scott Davis as FBI agent Sarah Meeker and many others. If you’re more curious, come on, just watch the movie, okay?

Tells the story of a father’s revenge
At first, Ray Cooper’s life was very happy like any other small family. However, this happiness collapsed when his wife, Amanda, died of cancer.

But it didn’t stop there, Ray Cooper later found out the real fact that his wife’s death had something to do with a pharmaceutical company. He also continues to dig up information, until Ray gets news that the life of his child, Rachel, is also in danger.

To protect his beloved family, Ray did his best. Various fight scenes can not be separated from this film. Likewise with the moment of father and son that really touched the hearts of the audience.

Directed by Brian Mendoza
Released on August 20, 2021, the Sweet Girl film is the result of director Brian Mendoza’s work. Not many know that this film will be his debut, you know. Brian Mendoza is known as someone who has worked in a production company with Jason Momoa.

Production time and shooting location
This thriller-action film does not take long in the process of making it. Namely, only 3 months from November 11, 2019 to February 11, 2020 with a total film duration of 1 hour 50 minutes. The filming location is in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

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The success of the Sweet Girl film also cannot be separated from the support of the characters and crew. Both the main characters, supporters, to the figure of the director and the person behind the screen. Have you watched this film yourself, haven’t you?