Superhero in underwear costume on the outside


1. Superman (1978 – 2006)

Here comes the legendary and oldest superhero, Superman! With a myriad of powers, Superman is almost invincible. He can fly to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and he also has extraordinary body strength.

Apart from his uniqueness, Superman is also famous for his underwear on the outside. Animated films to live action from 1978-2006 featured this superhero in his red pants. In total there are five films with such costumes.

Well, it was only in Man of Steels (2013) that Superman’s costume was made more modern. Superman that year no longer uses underwear on the outside as a characteristic of his costume.

2. Batman (1943-1973)

Back then, Bruce Wayne might not have been a fashionable person. You see, there are a lot of Batman movies from 1943-1973 that feature a unique costume with panties on the outside. It seems a bit funny with all his strength and intelligence, Batman has to appear in that costume.

In his 1989 film, Tim Burton began to tweak the batman’s costume. From here, Batman’s costumes are slowly getting classier, even the costumes worn by Robert Pattinson in The Batman (2022) so attract the attention of the audience.

3. Wolverine – (2010)

If you are an X-Men lover, then this figure is definitely not foreign to you. Wolverine is one of those mutants who has a lot of fans. His main strength lies in the claws that come out of his hands.

Well, in the 2010 animated series The Avengers Earth’s Mightlest Heroes, Wolverine uses a yellow costume that has become his trademark since the comics. This costume is indeed very attached and identical to the figure of Wolvrine.

If you pay attention, the original Wolvrine costume looks like it’s wearing underwear on the outside. Not only Wolverine, Cyclops also uses a costume similar to Wolverine. The unique thing is that this original costume has never been worn by Wolverine in all the X-Men films that have been circulating on the big screen

4. RoboCop (1987)

RoboCop films have been made many times. This film about police robots helping to fight crime can always be enjoyed by the audience. However, the Robocop costume in the 1987 film is quite unique.

Whether following the trend of other superhero costumes, this robocop costume actually looks like wearing underwear on the outside. It’s absurd to imagine a robot wearing underwear. Actually, this is because of the illusion created by the RoboCop costume model. But from any angle, the 1987 RoboCop costume still looks very funny.