Super Cub Anime and the Long History of Honda’s Legendary Duck Motorcycle


Japan is known for its variety of anime. And for the Spring 2021 anime , you can watch Super Cub , the anime currently airing on Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, and KBS Kyoto. Based on the novel by Tone Koken of the same name, the Super Cub anime focuses on the main character Koguma, a quiet girl who lives in Hokuto city, Yamanashi, a rural area in Japan. Both of his parents have died, so he has to live life alone in his apartment.

When confused about buying an expensive motorbike, the dealer’s owner introduced him to a used Honda Super Cub 100 for 10,000 yen (Rp 1.3 million). And his encounter with the Super Cub slowly begins to change his life.

Honda promotional novels
For those of you who still don’t know, this anime has the same title as one of the motorcycle models from Honda. This novel itself is an official promotion and novel published to commemorate the 100 million units sold of the Honda Super Cub in 2017.

His acquaintance with Reiko, an “Otaku” Super Cub became the starting point for his change. Reiko, who already liked Super Cub, becomes a technical mentor to help Koguma expand his world.

Just like the novel, the full anime version seeks a sense of freedom and adventure as opposed to Koguma’s life. Dynamic pace and plot progression, although it tends to be slow so it feels immersive.

Animation with the slice of life genre is made simple and clean with a shady color palette. It clearly looks like the Spring anime which presents a cheerful impression and a warm atmosphere. But when Koguma started riding his Super Cub, the colors and shades of the anime changed drastically to become brighter.

This anime is not just about motorcycles, but about what a Honda Cub represents. Represents freedom and adventure, as well as exploration and start looking for new things that have been unthinkable.

History of the Honda Super Cub
No longer produced in Japan, you can still find the Honda Super Cub in Indonesia. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) markets the Super Cub C125 motorcycle which was released as a tribute to the old Super Cub C100 model with a tag of Rp. 72.85 million.

But the history of the Honda Super Cub was made long ago in 1956. Honda’s current leadership sees the potential of a motorcycle that is still being pedaled in Europe. And here comes the 1958 Honda Super Cub C100. A 50 cc 4-stroke engine with a backbone frame, this model is made almost as comfortable as a larger naked bike.

The use of a 1-cylinder engine with a power of 4.5 hp aims to present a more pleasant engine and exhaust sound. This is explained by Takeo Fujisawa, one of the founders of Honda. Likewise with the front fairing for protection of the feet and calves from gravel and other road materials.

If previously the wings used iron plate material, Fujisawa wanted plastic material. After various developments, polyethylene became the main material for Super Cub wings. Reduced weight to save fuel while lowering production costs.

And one of the advantages of the Honda Super Cub is high durability. Given the era of the 1950s, Honda workshops were not as many as now. So that Honda makes it one of the motorcycles that are durable and with affordable maintenance.

This is what makes the popularity of the Super Cub still in demand today. Sales of 100 million units of Super Cub produced by Honda is a phenomenal number. Making it the most widely produced motorcycle by a manufacturer.