Sunye Ex Wonder Girls Beber Feels Married Young, Fun Value And No Regrets


Choosing To Get Married For A Celebrity Is A Careful Consideration. But Not For Sunye, Who Actually Feels Lucky To Be Able To Build A Small Family.

Married at a young age has its own views for Sunye . Recently, the former Wonder Girls member talked about Sunye’s marriage on a TV show.

Sunye made a guest appearance on the February 9 episode of MBC’s variety program “ Radio Star .” In this episode, the host of “Radio Star” mentioned Sunye’s marriage. Back in 2013, Sunye surprised everyone when she announced her marriage to Korean-Canadian missionary James Park and later halted her promotions with the Wonder Girls.

Her marriage also became a hot topic among fans as Sunye was only 24 years old (Korean age) at that time. It was a rare phenomenon for someone who became an idol.

Regarding his marriage, Sunye explained that he was an only child and often felt lonely during his childhood. Because of her grandparents who raised her, Sunye has always dreamed of having a family of her own and becoming a mother one day.

“Back then when I got married, a lot of people commented like this to me, ‘Don’t you think it’s too early to get married?’ or ‘Aren’t you too young to get married?’,” recalled Sunye.

He then reveals his true feelings about getting married. He also talked about whether he regretted his decision to marry at such a young age or not.

“For me, it was the right time to get married. When I look back on my life, I feel it was very natural to get married around that time in my life. I have no regrets,” said Sunye.

Sunye then continued to talk about her husband’s funny habits. “Every time he blew his nose (by the side), he did it really hard. When he started blowing his nose he would blow it like 10 times in a row. I can even hear the sound of him blowing his nose when I’m in the basement. This is crazy! ” Sunye said making the viewers laugh.

Meanwhile, after Sunye’s marriage to James Park, she moved to Canada and gave birth to three daughters. Sunye himself is now also a member of the MAMADOL group, which is formed from the TV program ” Mama the Idol “.

Sunye, The Former Wonder Girls, Has Become A Mother Of Three, This Photo Of Her Daughter Makes Her Excited

Former Wonder Girls Member Sunye Is Now A Mother With Three Children. He Also Showed Photos Of His Son And Daughter Together Which Made Netizens Excited.

One of the former members of the Wonder Girls group , Sunye , has debuted with the idol group since 2007. The woman born in 1989 then married in 2013 with James Park.

In early 2019, the singer had just given birth to her third child. As a result, Sunye now has three children. As a mother, she is now devoting herself to caring for her children.

Sunye also often shares photos of her children on her Instagram social media. Recently, he also posted a photo of his two daughters together, namely Eun Yoo and Ha Jin. In the photo, the two beautiful daughters are seen playing together.

The younger brother, Ha Jin, was seen touching his brother’s face. They were both seen hugging each other. However, there was also a moment when her older sister, Eun Yoo, looked annoyed with Ha Jin’s behavior who kept on teasing her.

The photo also made netizens excited to see the togetherness of the two Sunye daughters. Many of them praised Sunye’s two children who were wearing twin clothes, they looked very cute. In addition, there are also those who are happy with the harmonious portrait of Sunye’s family.

Wonder Girls itself is a girl group that was quite famous in its time. However, the group that is sheltered by JYP Entertainment has disbanded since 2017. Currently, several members such as Sunmi are also pursuing solo careers or carrying out their personal activities.