Sully; The story behind The Miracle on the Hudson


Have you ever made a decision and then always thought about whether it was the best decision? That’s what happened to America Airline pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks), after he and first officer Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart) decided to emergency land the plane they were controlling into the Hudson River, New York City, after a brief incident. after takeoff.

This film does not only focus on the events of the “miracle on the Hudson” on January 15, 2009, but focuses on what happened to Sully after the incident related to the investigation by the United States aviation watchdog. “Venom: Đối mặt tử thù” Sully is “haunted” by his own thoughts whether the decision he made was right, or whether he made the wrong decision and endangered the lives of his passengers.

As a film based on a true story that recently happened, it’s no wonder the director Clint Eastwood chose to tell the story of what happened afterward, considering that the citizens of the United States or the world who followed the news already knew the final result. At that time, I also followed the story a bit, but I was still entertained and curious, especially about the rescue action and the conditions around it at the time of the incident. It’s freezing out there.

In addition, the audience will also be shown how the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) questioned Sully’s decision and provided simulation data that he could actually return to the airport safely. The NTSB here becomes an annoying antagonist organization, a typical government person who is often portrayed by Hollywood, but the difference is that it is based on a true story “Dune: Hành tinh cát“.

In terms of acting, this film is another show from Tom Hanks who as usual manages to bring out a tough and confident character, but is also professional and doesn’t consider himself a hero. A significant supporting role is Aaron Eckhart as first officer Jeff Skiles, which is a bit different from Sully (his joke at the end of the film I found funny). Whether it’s just me or not, the extras in this film look amateurish during the accident and rescue scenes.

Although the scenes are a bit back and forth and have flashback scenes that I don’t think are necessary, Sully offers a drama story that has a pretty cool plot. The storytelling of the drama after the events happened was slick and closed with a climax scene that was quite enjoyable, making Sully worth watching for drama lovers from true stories.