Suga BTS and PSY Reveals What It Feels Like to Work on the Song [That That]


Getting closer to the release date of his new album titled ‘ 9th ‘, PSY is known to have revealed all the new songs from his comeback album .

Including one of them is the main song titled ‘ That That ‘ which was produced by Suga BTS.

In addition to having uploaded the first and second teasers of the ‘ That That ‘ music video on his official YouTube channel.

He also said that the age difference was not an obstacle to collaborating with Suga BTS, and they quickly became friends to work on the song.

“I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, he’s actually like a good friend,” he said, quoted by Arahkata on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

However, it is undeniable that BTS’ Suga admitted that he was quite nervous about working with a senior like PSY.

Through uploads on his official Twitter account, PSY also shared a short video clip showing his opinion and BTS’ Suga regarding working together on the song ‘ That That ‘.

In the clip, PSY reveals what it’s like to work with someone younger.

Meanwhile, in a new video posted separately on April 27. PSY and Suga BTS actually showed their chemistry when making songs.

Even PSY said that the song seemed like it was created to be successful in the market because it was made in a short time.

“We have a saying in K-Pop, if a song is made to be a hit, it’s made in an instant. It’s an ‘instant’ that I haven’t experienced in a long time,” he said.

It was so easy, PSY described the flow of making the song ‘ That That ‘ like playing ‘table tennis’. “We made a guide vocal, and with that, I edited it,” said Suga BTS.

“I wrote my piece and sent it to Suga, and Suga took it,” said PSY.

“Then I wrote my poetry,” said Suga BTS.

“And like table tennis, we go back and forth easily,” PSY toilets.

At the end of the video, PSY and Suga BTS said that the two had just realized that they were compatible as collaboration friends.

“We really hit it off,” they said.

It is known, PSY’s new album ‘ 9th ‘ will be officially released on April 29, 2022.