Success Again, Third Film 365 Days Releases in August


Last April, the Netflix film 365 Days: This Day was released. Success with the second film, the third part of 365 Days is rumored to be coming soon in August. The announcement regarding the third part of the thriller and erotic film from Poland was delivered directly by the main actor, Michele Morrone, who is famous for playing Massimo.
Michele Morrone has revealed that the third part of the film will premiere on August 19, 2022.

“The Next 365 Days will be released on August 19,” he said.

The story in this film is adapted from the novel trilogy by Blank Lipinska, in which a young woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) is made to fall in love with a rich man, Massimo (Morrone).

The man will make the woman fall in love within 365 days. Following Michele’s question, co-star Simone Susinna also took to Instagram to announce the third part of the film.

“Ready to find out what happens next? 365 Days is out on August 19, 2022,” he wrote.

In the second part of the film, 365 Days: This Day, Michele Morrone and Anna Maria are back as a couple. However, in this second series, a new cast is entered which will affect Laura and Massimo’s relationship. This new character is played by Simone Susinna. He played Massimo’s gardener named Nacho.

At the end of the first film Laura and Massimo are about to get married. However, the couple lost their unborn child in an accident at the end of the film. In the second film, Laura and Nacho seem to have a close relationship. Plus Laura and Massimo’s increasingly emotional domestic conflicts.