‘Street Woman Fighter’ Called Changing K-Pop Tradition, Here’s The Explanation


With The Increasing Popularity, ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Is Considered To Have Changed The Tradition And Provided A Breath Of Fresh Air In The K-Pop Industry. A Music Critic Provides An Explanation.

As ” Street Woman Fighter ” draws the attention of viewers, apparently this Mnet program is considered to have changed the direction of the K-Pop wind. As is known, this dance crew survival show has featured an unusual competition that is favored by the public and has become a hot topic in the media.

Since its first broadcast, “Street Woman Fighter” has made the names of the professional dancers who participate skyrocket. This is considered interesting because the dancers usually help K-Pop idols to shine on stage.

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This time, it was the turn of dancers such as Noze , Monika , Lee Jung , Honey J , and Aiki to taste their popularity. Unmitigated, these names rose to the top of the topic index based on Good Data Corporation’s records. Even some dancers are also said to have had a fandom.

When it comes to changing traditions in K-Pop, “Street Woman Fighter” has brought the most important element in the development of the industry, namely the stage show. K-Pop’s greatest strength is in the performances made up of the idols themselves, the decorations, and the dancers. With this program, industry supporters have been given a chance to shine.

Local pop music critic Jung Min Jae commented, “Until the early 2010s, large companies were still using choreographies made by overseas choreographers. But as domestic dance crews grew, performances began to adapt K-Pop choreography made by domestic choreographers. ”

According to him, through this program, the public will know what the achievements of Korean dancers are, thereby creating opportunities for the dance industry to grow better in terms of quality and quantity. Thus, the expansion of the Korean dance industry is also expected to contribute to the diversity of K-Pop performances.

With the ability and strength of such good dancers, the choice of K-Pop idol choreography will also be wider. Thus, industry players can start to look at domestic choreography and change the tradition of using foreign choreographers. For example, it was reported that seven dance crews participated in making the aespa choreography “Next Level” which went viral.

The critic Jung Min Jae then explained, “If the Korean dance world grows as big as North America and Europe, we can combine all the good ideas into one song. I believe we can expect the standard of K-Pop choreography to rise even higher.

'Street Woman Fighter' Called Changing K-Pop Tradition, Here's the Explanation

‘Street Woman Fighter’ Crew Party Exudes Sexiness, Hook Costume Successfully Steals Focus

Hook Members’ Outfits While Attending The ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Pool Party Managed To Steal The Focus Of The Participants And Fans. Curious What The Full Reason Is?

” Street Woman Fighter ” is not only filled with confrontation and tension. Because the participants showed a very sweet friendship when they were not competing. This was seen when they enjoyed the party held by Mnet at the beginning of the broadcast.

This party itself was held to congratulate the seven crews who qualified for the next round. They were invited to the pool area and given lots of delicious food to have fun with.

Because it was done in a swimming pool, most of the participants came wearing a bikini. They also display a variety of sexy poses once they enter the party area.

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When almost all of the participants were wearing bikinis, the Hook members managed to steal everyone’s attention with their costumes. Because they dare to be different by wearing shorts and life jackets.

The crew led by Aiki even complemented his style with a variety of swimming equipment such as goggles to swimming caps. That’s why they look more closed when compared to the other participants.

As a result, the other participants immediately cheered and greeted Hook very cheerfully. That’s how they ended up playing and having fun together.

Not only stealing the focus of the participants, Hook’s costume in the “Street Woman Fighter” pool party is also in the spotlight of fans. Many people have complimented their sense of humor with comments such as the following:

They all went to the summer pool party and then Hook came in like a guard. Haha Aiki’s humor is always funny, said a netter. Hooks always surprise me because they are very funny, added the other netters. Hahaha they are very sweet and I really like them, said the other netters.

I’m like everyone who laughs when I see Hook at the entrance, said the other netters. Oh my God, I really like Hook. They are very different and talented, added another netter. Hook’s clothes are very cool. They are amazing, said another netter.

That’s right. Hook is always unexpected. Other teams wear sexy clothes but they use life jackets haha, said the other netters. Haha Hook is like a weird but fun gang in class, said another. The hook comes with its own style and I really like it, concluded the other netters.

Meanwhile, Hook received a score of 282 points from the judges in the Mega Crew Mission “Street Woman Fighter”. In this mission, they took Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung together .